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George Gershwin Biography

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The Effect of George Gershwin on the 21st Century Singer, composer George Gershwin once said "True music must repeat the thought and inspirations of the people and the time. My people are Americans and my time is today." In today's society there are not many composers looked up to. Now everyone wants to learn about new rappers or legends in sports. To others, like pianist they look up to people like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart or new hip pianist like Alicia Keys. To some people George Gershwin is considered one of the few great pianists. When he emerged as a new composer he was unlike any other, this man was unique in all sorts of ways. He was unique for his sense of style and jazziness. Today, his music is rarely played, but when you hear it you just may know a song of his. On September 26, 1898, in Brooklyn New York, Morris and Rose Gershvin were surprised with a baby boy named Jacob "George" Gershwin (Gersh-vin). Rose and Morris were both Russian- Jewish immigrants that were from the middle class. Rose and Morris had their name changed from Gershowitz then to Gershwin because the immigrant official changed it upon their arrival. George was the second child out of four. At the very young age of eleven Morris and Rose bought a piano for George's brother Ira. ...read more.


In the musical Girl Crazy Gershwin and Ethel Merman worked together to make one of the best collaborations of that time. After Girl Crazy, Gershwin devoted himself to writing orchestral pieces. Some of them were Concerto in F, An American in Paris, Manhattan Rhapsody, and Rhapsody in Rivets. The orchestral piece Concerto in F was Gershwin's longest piece. In the orchestral piece Concert in F there were three types of movements. The first movement flows by a sonata structure. There was an exposition, development, and recapitulation. It uses themes from The Charleston.3 The second movement is slow and soothing, whereas the third movement had a rondo like theme. When the song was complete it was premiered in Carnegie Hall. The next year George Gershwin begins to work with his brother Ira. They make beautiful music together. They produced many comedy musicals like Oh Kay! Strike up the Band, Funny Face, Rosalie Treasure Girl, and Of Thee I Sing. The musical comedy Of Thee I Sing, won a Pulitzer Prize for drama during the Great Depression. Of Thee I Sing, was the first piece to win a Pulitzer Prize. George Gershwin once said "We are living in an age of staccato and not legato." This quote means that we are living in a speedy life style whereas we are not living in an age or time of being long and drawn out. ...read more.


What most do not know about Gershwin is how much of an impact he has made on today's society. Gershwin has numerous pieces of his in movies and in plays. In the children's movie Fantasia 2000 the featured song was Rhapsody in Blue. Many movies from this day and age feature some of Gershwin's' famous pieces. In the movies: Something's Gotta Give, Catch Me if you Can, Chocolat, and the most recent movie The Aviator at least a snippet of Gershwin's music is featured. The impact that George Gershwin has made on many people's lives has changed our world and the way we live in it. The piece Someone to Watch over Me was composed by George Gershwin and when people listen to this song to relax them or when people sit down to watch a movie they can listen and see if any music sounds similar to a song they have heard before. When George Gershwin made his music he taught individuality and style and independence. This has made a difference on newer composers. George Gershwin will always be famous even in the thirty-first century. His legend will live on in pianos and in people's recorders and CD players. Hopefully the impact he has made on today will affect what happens later on. 1 Or in other words he played without music; he listened and learned to play by listening carefully. 2 Blue notes are a flattened third or seventh. 3 A swing type of dance. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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