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Giving Back to the state

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Lisa Costigan October 30, 2002 Dr. Carl Lutrin Pols American and California Government Term Paper Living in California my entire life I have never especially been involved with the government. Giving back to the state is something I have always wanted to do. Through this positive experience I was able to walk precincts for Dave Romero. I was delighted to know that I was some contribution to his very important campaign. Romero was very serious about his campaign but in a way that all of us could still work for him in an enjoyable environment. Walking around the city of San Luis Obispo placing literature on the homes of the residents I believe was an important aspect of this campaign. I now understand that running for mayor is a lot more work than I would have ever expected. Now having a better understanding and a more appreciative outlook on what a mayor does, I feel the need to do more so others see the importance of this job. People don't realize that who is elected will effect their lives in the near future. This experience put me back on the street with a fresh pair of eyes. Working with the mayor is something completely different than reading it in a textbook. ...read more.


Dave reports that he is the one responsible for the streets being, "paved, repave, and properly maintained."(Internet 2002) The fact that he has paved our streets he has acquired the nickname, "Dave the Pave." Also on these San Luis Obispo streets Romero plans on planting trees on over 10,000 city streets.(Brochure) While Marx will try to improve the environment by, "extending the greenbelt with 3,264 acres of new open space, creating a Ranger program and hiring a City Wildlife Biologist" (Brochure). Where these contenders stand on these issues will be a major factor of who will win this campaign. The media plays a very large role in any campaign, particularly the Media State, which includes newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. This is because, in a year according to one calculation, the average full-time worker puts in 1,874 hours on the job, 2,737 hours in bed, and 3,256 hours exposed to the media. (Welch 111) Both candidates having commercials on the radio is a very key aspect to the campaign. These radio commercials inform the public, without the people having to do any sort of research besides taking the time to listen. With this service a person can obtain the basic candidates viewpoints, and what they can do to help you and the community with in only the matter of minutes or possibly seconds. ...read more.


Romero also produced five hundred-yard signs at a cost of six dollars each. Which is an amazing total cost of three thousand dollars. These yard signs are made of high quality plastic. Romero states he doesn't want them to rip or wear in the rain making him look as if he did not care about this campaign. Jan Marx spent sixteen thousand and one hundred dollars on her campaign. Having brochures made out of recycled paper, which are inexpensive compared to Romero's "quality" brochures. Money will play an important role, because the more money you have, the more the public will know. All in all, this amazing experience really showed me that I could make a difference. Romero did many things to run, what I believe, a successful campaign. He went to the public and expressed his ideas telling us what he can do to make our lives better. By doing this he wanted us to be informed. The media plays a major role in any campaign, because it takes the major issues and has the power to communicate them to the people. It turns out that Romero had the essential qualifications, due to that fact that he is now the current mayor of San Luis Obispo. Is this due to the media? We will never know, but the disappointed Jan Marx states that, "The Tribune turned voters against me in an editorial that endorsed Romero. ...read more.

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