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Good Fellas

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My analysis is based on the movie "Good Fellas". The three men that are featured on the poster pictured in medium frame are the main characters and are also the main focus of my analysis. Robert DeNiro: The facial expressions and posture of DeNiro shown on the poster enables you to see that he looks like a rough tough guy who is very serious when it comes to business. The frown on his face as evidence by his creased forehead and one eyebrow higher than the other together with his folded arms and upright stance suggest that he is serious. In addition to this the larger size of the face as well as that of his whole frame in comparison to the others tells that he is the authorative figure and maybe the oldest. ...read more.


Although the third character, Ray Liolota stands behind at the shoulder of De Niro, Pesci's face shows a larger profile. He also looks like the older of the two and in the mafia tradition as the right hand man he would be groomed for the post of mafia boss when the head dies. He has a business type dress and wears a black tie with a white shirt suggesting that he has points of authority. Ray Liotta: looks like the youngest member of the group who gains experience as well as knowledge by watching his colleagues. I presume that this quote "I've always wanted to be a gangster" belongs to Liotta because he's the youngest and I would think that he eventually became a gangster and got himself in all sorts of trouble. ...read more.


The Director of the movie is Martin Scorcese who is also the Director of Scream, which is a horror movie. The panoramic view of the streets with the dead man in the middle may suggest to us that the mafia started of with one killing has carried on till this day due to the length of the street behind. The word "good fellas" in this mafia movie means good, but the fact is that their image suggests that they kill people for their own purposes. Good is therefore ironically used. . The word fellas is usually used as a friendly familiar word to mean men. These Characters are definitely not friendly. The movie is set in Henry Hill Brooklyn, N.Y. 1955. From this analysis the reader should now be able to draw a full size picture of the poster. ...read more.

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