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Gordan Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares Research

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Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares Research Kitchen Nightmares is a show based around helping restaurants that are in the industry grow from strength to strength. This is based mainly around their food sector, which Ramsey will take full control of through his personal expertise. However research is necessary for each restaurant before he even steps foot on their premises. We need to evaluate each applicant and decided whether they are suitable for the show, looking into their background history, finances, problems that they have had to go through, or currently undergoing. These are all vital statistics that will help the overall development of the programme when it comes to filming and producing the end product. Other areas that will need to be researched are the locations of the restaurant, the occupants that Ramsey will be working with and the type of place they are. For example, a classic pub located in the North West of England would be a completely different to a 5-star restaurant located in the heart of London. We will need to research what type of foods that are popular in the restaurants specific area, so that Ramsey and the team have an idea of what they have to work with when they get there. ...read more.


Any of the applicants could be going through other major problems at this current time as well; these need to be looked into because yet again, it will let us know which route to take when trying to help them. If the owners are old they could be ill in some sort of way, and their business could be putting them under immense stress and pressure. This means that the immediate problem to resolve is this, instead of going straight head deep into the kitchen and creating some dishes, the stress management should be looked into a resolved so that the owners feel easier with what's going to happen. Once this has been initially taken care of by the production team, Ramsey can then move in and work with them to sort out their restaurant. Recces Before any potential applicants are chosen we will need to perform a Recce on the locations of the restaurants that have made the initial cut. We will visit the locations to see whether or not they are suitable for shooting, we will need to take into account all of our previous research and possibly come up with some sort of questionnaire to present to the applicants to find out even further information. ...read more.


This type of research for the show would take around 4-6 weeks to do before filming actually began. Actually choosing initial people to be on the programme itself wouldn't exactly be very hard work, at all, however depending on the sheer amount of applicants it could take sometime. However, if someone's not suitable, they would just not take a second glance and just discard their application, this would speed up the initial search, however if they meet the preferred criteria for the programme, this criteria being the one they have previously researched, then they would possibly get in touch with them. This would start off with something as simple as a making a phone call, all the way through to physically going to meet them in person. Once they have selected a certain amount of applicants they would have to visit them, research them individually getting really in depth information about them before then making their final decisions of who to choose. To split the work up then, I believe the researchers would need to go on the strategy of allowing themselves about 2 weeks at the maximum to go through all the applications that have been received, this would then allow them anywhere between 2-4 weeks to really plug into every fine detail that is needed for the show. ...read more.

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