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Guilty Winona

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Jascarn Takhar 11DC Guilty Winona! Winona Laura Horowitz, born October. 29, 1971 in Winona, MN. Her parents are Cindy and Michael Horowiz. She has three siblings named Sunyata, Jubal, and Yuri. She was raised in Petaluma, CA. The 'Hollywood star' was a very successful actress at the age of just fifteen; with excellent grades at high school 4.0 GPA she also left at the age of fifteen to star in her film debut 'Lucas'. This was also when she changed her name to Winona Ryder as she is known today. The 'bankable star' led a life of luxury, starring in many outstanding films including the very recent 'Mr Deeds', 'The Age of Innocence' and 'Little Woman'. The 'budding actress' has now left her career 'for tatters' as the Daily Express reads when she was found GUILTY at a Beverly Hills Municipal Court by a Los Angeles Jury. Ryder was guilty on the charges of 'Grand theft and Vandalism' she was cleared of the charge 'commercial burglary'. From a Beverly Hills Store SAKS on the Fifth Avenue she shoplifted over three thousand pounds worth of clothing, bags and accessories. ...read more.


She was described as being 'shocked', 'bewildered' and 'distressed' in the Telegraph and the Daily Mail portray her as being 'stunned', 'pale' and 'fearful'. Most of these pictorial portrayals are followed by captions of her expressions; the Telegraph reads 'Winona Ryder shocked' this caption is obviously backing Ryder in her race to freedom, the caption publicizes her innocence regardless of her being found guilty. Many of the newspaper articles described her as being very friendly, courteous and obliging also a 'nice lady' even thought she was found guilty. Many of her starring roles in films are indirectly linked to what she is similar to. Her role in 'Little Woman' as Jo March, is an addicted writer, maybe comparing her lifestyle at school. All media is presented in different ways, whether it is by newspaper, magazines, television or the internet. They all have there own distinct style, many newspapers and internet sites usually arrange there text in columns or certain shapes and most of the time it is black text. Internet sites may also have video and audio links available to make things more interactive. Magazines have many different layouts depending on who the articles are written for, they usually have a centred image usually of good quality, many of the articles are over long periods this is so they can finalise the finished product. ...read more.


The excuse may of come from one of Ryder's previous movies, 'Girl, Interrupted' were there is a voiceover where a mentally disturbed heroine addict talks about, 'thrill of walking out of a store with something unpaid for' which Winona Ryder decided to re-act. A major part of any of the articles whether it was in the newspaper or on the internet, was what would 'glitzy star' acquire? Of course, the usual punishment that would be given for what the she committed is three years imprisonment, but for the 'portrayed millionaire' there would either be community service or a huge fine. When her sentencing was given, it was only four hundred and eighty hours of community service as expected. I would conclude to say that Winona Ryder may be guilty for what she has done, even though she is a 'kind lady' that will co-operate'. From my research of newspapers, it was quite visible that Winona was not first priority to the readers, Paul Burrell the 'barmy butler' was. Most newspapers portrayed Ryder as a kind, innocent and loving person even though she is able to commit such crimes. In my personal view I think Winona was letting her inner child be her father hence the expression, "the inner child is the father to the mind". 1 ...read more.

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