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has asked me to help him out with designing his business cards and menus. He wants the business cards to look flashy and posh and he wants the menus to be simple

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Identify My friend, Nima, is opening a Persian restaurant called Persepolis. It is open 7 days a week at 12:00pm to 2:00am. It is located in North West London. Unfortunately, Nima has broken his arm in an accident and has asked me to help him out with designing his business cards and menus. He wants the business cards to look flashy and posh and he wants the menus to be simple but sophisticated with logos on both the business card and the menus. He also wants to create flyers but I don't think that's a good idea because people will just look at them and throw them away which is wasting paper but Nima said he wants to advertise his restaurant as much as possible. Before I design the menus, flyers and business cards, I will first be drawing them out by hand. To achieve these tasks I intend to use a desktop publishing application, as it is the ideal piece of software. It is ideal because it has graphics and text manipulation may be implemented for the invention. ...read more.


This is a suitable package because it allows me to choose a menu template in Microsoft Publisher and to arrange text and images anywhere on the menu. I will need to use Paint to amend the images I scan or download. This program allows me to alter the colour, delete different parts I think is unnecessary, add or overlap words with images, and it also provides many various effects I can use for the business card. Processes In order for me to edit text on the menu, I intend to use Microsoft Publisher's tools to my advantage. Publisher is a useful application for a desktop publishing project as it has tools to edit the font size, style and colour of the text. Text can be manipulated by manoeuvring it around the page to fit accordingly to how I please. As the menu and the business card will include some images, I will need to incorporate text around it. I will then import the images into Publisher and place them in a picture box, resizing it if necessary, according to their position on the menu or business card. ...read more.


sure the font is easy to read as well as the size and colour Visual The font should be times new roman and It should be in black 6 Make sure the business card isn't too big. Big enough to fit easily into card holders or wallets Visual The card should be wallet size and not too big 7 Check that the images are not over sized making it too blurry and not too small Visual The images should be the right size 8 Check that there is a good colour scheme Visual By looking at the contrast Evaluation In order to evaluate my finished document I will have to look at my objectives and evaluate them: Objectives * The back of the menu must have a map and contact details and the logo must be clear and in colour * The business card has the required information and can fit into wallets and pockets * The business card and menu must be attractive with relevant images and logos. I have chosen a good colour scheme to my liking and my users liking. I have inserted some images that are relative to my Persian theme of the restaurant. ...read more.

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