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Has the gangster Genre moved on over time or has it remained static? The two films that I have chosen to analyze are Carlito's Way (1993) and Out of Sight (1998) both films are of the gangster/crime genre.

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Has the gangster Genre moved on over time or has it remained static? The two films that I have chosen to analyze are Carlito's Way (1993) and Out of Sight (1998) both films are of the gangster/crime genre. Genre means what type anything belongs to, or what kind of category something can be placed in. The gangster films belong to the crime genre. The most popular gangster films made were in the 1930's, during this period America was going through the depressions and audiences wanted the characters of these gangster films to gain money, wealth and power during a time of economic decline. The gangster characters in the films were seen as living the American dream but not lawfully or legally. But audiences could relate to these gangsters because of prohibition as well. This Crime genre basically is evolved around how the illegal supply of alcohol during the prohibition was making gangsters rich and powerful, and this is how the so-called Mafia came about. ...read more.


This use of palm trees connotes paradise and trying to tell Carlito that heaven is a bit too far for him to reach. There is a scene where Carlito is having flashbacks of him in white suit and dancing, this connotes innocence and having fun when he was younger which he later regrets. There are a lot of scenes in Carlito's club and other sleazy clubs where the camera just pans around the club showing the audience of what his life is all about. Palma's stamp on the film is about fast editing and inventive editing. The bent or corrupt cracked up lawyer is always been shown in grey suits and extreme close ups of him played in the background by snaky type music making out that he's not all he seems to be to Carlito. And towards the end Carlito sees through him. There is another major part of the film, which doesn't seem to fit into the crime genre, which is the love story. ...read more.


Throughout the film George and Lopez play important roles and the director and producers do it very cleverly and neatly. Overall I would say the Crime/Gangster genre has moved on over time because of the way audiences have come to realize what a gangster actually is and how the word is portrayed in the media recently. Whereas in the 70's the films were about the Mafia and the Mob this is backed up by films such as The Godfather trilogy. Recent gangster films have involved more of a romance part to it and a lot more screen time on the stories, not like 30-40 years ago where the girls where seen as hookers and one night stands or blonde bimbo's where the girls just listen to anything the man said. Also Films have moved on in the way of technology obviously. You can get more expensive better cameras and directors can play about with a lot more camera techniques and angles. More lighting techniques are used and basically everything does move on over time nothing stays static. ...read more.

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