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hoe young people are represented in films

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A2 Film Studies Task 3 Discuss the presentation of young people in the new wave films you have studied, You should refer to A Bout De Souffl� and at least two other films in your answer. I am going to discuss the ways that the French new wave directors made the young characters they have created in there films come across to the audience and why they have made the young characters appear to be like this. I am going to relate to Michel and Patricia in Goddard's A Bout De Souffl�, Antoine in Truffaut's Four hundred blows and Charlie In Truffaut's The Nouvelle Vague. (Shoot the Pianist). French new wave directors have used young characters in their films to present them in a certain ways. Weather the characters be young children or young adults they are presented as a handful, sort of like problems to the parents or older generation In the way the characters have been told what to do and the way to act. ...read more.


Its as if she is leading him on until she makes up her mind on if she wants to be with Michel or not. In Truffaut's Four Hundred Blows Antoine is a young Truffaut it's conceded to be a biographical story of his childhood. His mother and stepfather concede Antoine as a problem child. Everything he does is wrong in the eyes of his parents and teachers at school. Antoine tries to do right and be creative but is always gets in to trouble. He ends up running away from home and the detention center. To the city of Paris. This shows that Paris is like a mother to Antoine. Every woman in Antoine's life seems not to care for him. In the end Antoine runs into the ocean in other words he is running back to where he came from. ...read more.


She has no real friends so hangs around with the two boys who are idiots. She finds out that they are not her true friends in the end as one of them hit her when they discover they cannot steal her uncle's money. In my opinion I believe that in all French new wave films that the young characters that have been created by the new wave directors have all been created to be troubled and unwanted by the older generation they have contact with. A good name for this is the outsiders (Bande a part) they do not fit in with the rest of the communities. None of the young characters in the new wave films seem to have a caring family around them and that support them they all seem to be so called friends or in Antoine's situation has parents but his parents always seem to talk about regretting having him and that they should have aborted him. Laura brown ...read more.

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