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Holiday Brochure Media CourseWork

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GCSE Media Coursework Comparing Holiday Advertisements General Introduction We looked at various holiday brochures and noticed that the texts varied considerably depending on which age group they were aimed at. We looked closely at an extract from "Club 18-30" and one from "Forever Young" advertising holidays on the Spanish island of Majorca. The presentation and language used were different in each one and, therefore appealed to different audiences. The "Club 18-30" brochure extract appeals to young people for a number of reasons. The picture for "Club 18-30" contains young people having a great time. One of the men in the picture is stripped down to his waist and the other man has his shirt undone. ...read more.


The style of writing is very informal, lots of slang is used in the advertisement Eg: nuff said, fast food joint, lots going down, in yer face and party animal. The advertisement has a casual friendly tone which young people would find easier to read. The text has a lack of punctuation and grammar and capital letters are rarely used during the advertisement. The whole thing is arranged very simply on the page, the "Club 18-30" logo is in the top right hand side corner, with the heading in capital wavy lettering on the left. It is set out with sub-headings and short paragraphs with the writing being central going down the page. ...read more.


It also promotes good food restaurants not fast food "joints". This holiday is all about relaxation. The layout of the "Forever Young" extract is more complex it is set out in 4 boxes which are balanced through out the page. 2 of the boxes are text and the other 2 boxes are pictures. The layout is more varied than the "Club 18-30" and the hotel information is in bullet points for easy reading. Overall, it is very noticeable how these two holiday adverts appeal to audiences of different ages. The "Club 18-30" appeals to a much younger audience compared to the sophisticated "Forever Young". The "Club 18-30" is advertising a clubbing holiday in magaluf for young people who want to party not go sight seeing or bird watching which "Forever Young "is advertising. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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