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How and why have representations of teachers and schools changed over time?

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How and why have representations of teachers and schools changed over time? Schools and teachers are represented differently over time due to the change in social outlook on the practice a respect of schools but also the general behaviour of children in schools. In the 1939 film 'Goodbye Mr Chips' representation of schools is that of a prestigious and respected school, that has a heritage and intends to stick by it. Goodbye Mr Chips was also set in a British school, somehow the general representation of (especially old) British schools is that of a prestigious atmosphere, with all of the students being marked into school in lines being called only by their last names, and being forced to where gowns like a miniature university. In Comparison to the modern day representation of a British school in a series such as 'Waterloo Road' set and written in 2007 is very different the children show about as much respect for the teachers as to one and other and may as well call them by their first name, although, both share a common ground, they both represent the teachers as being caring for the students. ...read more.


Chips and is then recurrent for years to come in several films. The reason that schools and teachers representation has changed is because schools and teachers have changed, for instance in Goodbye Mr. Chips he canes a student for doing something wrong, this is not in newer texts that contain schools and teachers, because they simply are not allowed to use corperal punishment any more, equally in Blackboard jungle a Teacher Punches a student, nowadays there would be court cases and assault trials. Modern day schools are generally represented as going downhill, because it is a growing social fear and when Blackboard jungle was written the theme within the film was the same as the social fear at the time of growing juvenile delinquency, they are put into the texts because they can address the issues that catch the fear of parents, school and indeed students of era and overcome them in the text, this ensures that the viewer gets a small sense of escapism. ...read more.


Also the representation changes due to the current social fears of schooling and the teaching affixed to it, with Goodbye Mr. Chips it was the war, Blackboard Jungle the behaviours of students, Waterloo road the governing behind schools and the behaviour of some students, Dangerous minds the behaviour of students, these things are not done by accident they are there to grab the attention of the viewer and relate to them in some way so that the text brings them in and confronts the issues that are on the mind of the viewers. Then again some things have always stayed the same with the representation of schools and teaching and that is mainly the role of the inspirational teacher and this is because it is the central role of escapism that a text about teaching can provide, because is gives the audience a sense that everything is going to be okay because a teacher will come along, affect the school,students and teachers and make everything okay again. Luke Yates Word Count: 947 ...read more.

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