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How are bands marketed?

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Frances Earnshaw How are bands marketed? The music industry is a very large industry. There are many different types of music that appeal to different types of people. Grunge, Pop, Rap, RnB and classical are just some examples. Everyone has a style of music that they like to listen to. Music is a very popular source of entertainment and it can affect our mood. Slow, sad music can make us feel low whereas fast, uplifting music can make us happy. Like any product, music has to be marketed. Music is a product that's sold by an industry to make money. The types of music we listen to often stereotype us. ...read more.


It is much easier for the music industry to target their audiences when they are set up in categories like this. Image is very important to any music band. The life of a star is often considered very glamorous. People try to imitate the way they look and admire them. The music and magazine industry rely on each other a lot to promote their products. The Music industry needs magazines to advertise their products and get more publicity. The front cover of a magazine is a good way to do this because it is the first thing people see when they buy the magazine. ...read more.


Some C.D covers don't have anything to do with the band or music, this is to make it more mysterious, interesting and talked about. Some artist's have become well known because of the C.D cover. The manufacturing of bands isn't a new thing. The public have realised, by watching programmes such as Pop Idol, Fame Academy and Pop Stars, how easy it is for the average person to be turned into a 'superstar'. These programmes took away the illusion that bands were raw talents. I feel that manufactured bands aren't as good as people who have worked hard to get were they are. Now we all think that anyone can be a pop star and all we have to do now is apply for pop idol! ...read more.

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