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How are teenagers represented in the media?

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Throughout the media we see representation of teenagers. This can show teenagers in positive and negative lights. Teenagers are found in magazines, advertising, television and films, and they are targeted by newspapers and magazines etc. There are two different newspapers reports from the 'Daily Mail' and the 'Dorset Echo' that are part of this representation. "Perverted tennis club coach jailed for seducing pupil of 15." This report is written by a tabloid called the Daily Mail and is about a perverted tennis club coach who has been jailed for seducing and under-age, pupil prot�g�. The view portrayed by this report is negative, I have come to this conclusion because in the headline it displays very negative words, and the headline usually represents the rest of the article or report. In this report the 'by line' comes before the body text, not after. This may signify that the reporter is highly respected, and if a more experienced reporter is working on the story, this can possibly show the magnitude of the crime. There are various presentational devices in this report. The headline is written in large lettering to catch a person's attention and in bold to keep the reader's awareness of the report. The text is written in 'Serif' font- Times New Roman, this may have been used so not to clutter the page, because a 'Sans' font may have been seen to decorate the page to much. ...read more.


Marc Lewis, the prosecuted is wearing a suit, although this may be a smart outfit to wear, he has made it look untidy by not having his shirt tucked in properly and his tie not completely done up. The girl is wearing casual clothing in the photo, which means that she was not on her way to the trial, but captured while doing something else. This shows that the paparazzi do not ever completely leave her alone and that she is exposed to them, nearly the whole time. The written text is designed to shock and surprise, so the audience see the newspaper as a good one to buy and read for future reference. The headline is very strong, this is to make the person become interested in the article, and it uses very strong words such as; "perverted" and "seducing" to make the person reading the report apprehensive. It also uses these words to make the girl seem the victim to the audience. Also the writer portrays the girl to be the victim; this may be because she is a woman herself. The headline uses one subtle statistic, the number "15". This is very clever because when it includes younger people it suddenly makes the reader more concerned. Hence; the objective of the headline- to make a person want to read more. ...read more.


I think that this was a message, to show that hard work will be repaid. It is also to give a positive image of teenagers. The headline and caption are in a bold 'Sans' font, this may have been used to make it plainer and more effective. The body text is in a 'Serif' font, because usually all newspapers have it this way, so to keep the attention on the headline. The article consists of a headline, two pictures and the body text. The text is made up of quarters. The first quarter being the article's introduction and then the second quarter is written about the achievements that Sophie has succeeded in. The other half of the article is about her past success. The first sentence is very descriptive of the subject. E.g. "Teenage show jumper Sophie Norman..." This may have been used if the headline was not very descriptive but that it was used plainly for acquiring the reader's attention. The photocopy was in black and white, and assuming that the original article was in colour I would have thought that the background colour would have been in green or pastel colours, because it was a picture of the event and the horse. Sophie would be wearing her jockey outfit and the horse, which is dark in colour, would be wearing its straps and saddle etc. ?? ?? ?? ?? Thea Wellband Media Coursework M53 Dun Holme 1 ...read more.

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