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How Bias is Shown.

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How Bias is Shown We have recently done a project on bias and we saw how it is used in the media. Bias is a propensity towards one view, rather, than giving you an impartial account of what is happening. In this task we looked at how bias is used in the media every day to make us take a certain side and we don't usually notice when it is being used. We looked at many different newspaper articles and saw how newspapers also used photographs, headlines and captions to influence us on the story before we have read the article. In newspapers pictures are often used to influence us on the story, as they are usually one of the first things we look at. Photographs can often give us the wrong idea about what is going on in them, as they can be cropped to make them look more dramatic. Cropping is when a small detail isolated from a larger image is used as it has its own distinct value to do with ...read more.


The size of a photograph can also show us how important the newspaper must think it is for us to see it. If the photograph is relatively big, the newspaper must think that it is important for us to see this before we evaluate the story, as the pictures that they print are also prejudiced towards the side of the story they have taken. We saw this in a story about a young offender who won the lottery. The picture was over two pages, so you saw it straight away, and it showed the boy drinking from a champagne bottle with his electronic tag on his ankle, so this immediately made us think that he was undeserving of the money, as the electronic tag shows us that he is a criminal. Bias can also be shown in many other ways. The space taken up by the article is another point that shows bias in a newspaper. ...read more.


Therefore, both of the newspapers want you to be against him winning because he is a criminal. I think that in most cases it is good that newspapers show bias, as it would be very boring to read the articles if the newspaper showed a neutral account of the stories because it would just be a page full of facts about each side. When bias is shown in an article there are usually comments from the people involved and these help you to make up your mind about the article. Bias in a newspaper is not something that I think is wrong, because you don't have to take a certain side just because the newspaper does. The only time that I think newspapers shouldn't be biased is when the article is about a court case that hasn't taken place, and the newspaper takes sides before anything has been proven. Then when the wrong side has been taken someone will end up getting a reputation for something that they are not guilty of. Written by Laura, Greenock ...read more.

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