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How Can an Individual's Sense of Identity be Communicated Through Their Choice of Music?

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How Can an Individual's Sense of Identity be Communicated Through Their Choice of Music? In today's society individuality can be expressed in many different ways. The use of physical adornments such as clothes and makeup are the first things that spring to mind when discussing ways and methods of identification. However, with the mass media having such a huge influence on the young people of today, it is becoming very easy to determine one's identity through the music they enjoy listening to. This essay seeks to determine how an individual identity can be clearly communicated through choices of music. To a certain extent, music has had an interesting effect on the way individuals express their sense of identity. ...read more.


Today, there is a greater variety of music available to the mass public, and this has inevitably resulted in many different identities being formed. The 1980's trance scene along with the new input of R 'n' B and Hip Hop (Black rap style music) has influenced a number of new music acts to recreate versions of the biggest hits. This has helped in creating a new identity that many nightclubs cater for. What is known as the 'Kev', 'Townie' or 'Shaz' has been formed! These short names are used to describe people of a certain identity. Usually people of these youth subgroups are fans of hard dance music which they listen to on a regular basis on their personal CD players in public ...read more.


The 'hoodie' has become a highly symbolic item of clothing, which many of the group members will wear when congregating. This can be teamed with baggy jeans and trousers, multiple piercings, dyed hair, visible tattoos and other common objects such as various bracelets and jewellery, although hardly ever gold or silver. The two groups previously discussed are the two huge societies in which the members' behaviour is almost completely influenced by popular music. As it is possible to see from the descriptions above, an individuals' sense of identity can be relatively easy to configure when using popular music as the determining factor. Due to this, increasing amounts of youth subgroups are being formed purely by musical taste. ...read more.

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