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How can Information Technology help in the Defense of Human Rights.

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Rakesh Penumalli How can Information Technology help in the Defense of Human Rights. Identification and description of the issue Nowadays, it's hard not to be affected by the "power of the Internet." Well at least where I live, near Washington, DC, the Mecca of the human rights activists and organizations, like InterAction, in Northwest Washington, DC. The development and use of the Internet in the past few decades has changed the effectiveness of human rights organizations, like Amnesty International. Such organizations are now using the internet to spread news about Human Rights and their importance, by putting up web sites and maintaining large databases of contact information of their subscribers and supporters, to provide for the instantaneous communication of late braking events, and other important information. Understanding the IT background of the issue The Internet has proved to be an inexhaustible tool for these organizations because more and more people are "logging on" to the Internet everyday, since NUA reported that an estimated 580.78 million have internet access around the world, as of May 2002. ...read more.


For example Amnesty International gathers information from their several news inlets around the world, in the form of a secure e-mail, which drastically reduces their expense as compared to more traditional methods of news gathering. Traditionally, people in several countries, like China, were unable to acquire information through traditional forms of media like newspapers, but the advent of the Internet has started to change that, by allowing individuals to start expressing and absorbing the ideals of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Here is an example of the influence of the Internet. Solutions to problems arising from the issue There are several solutions for problems arising from this issue. First, it is critical that more organizations like VIP Reference spring into action by not only establishing themselves, but also aid the oppressed peoples of the world, in other parts of the world, apart from China. This will cause other nations to realize, and if not, at least due to the international pressure, that they should allow more freedom or less harsh treatment of their people etc. ...read more.


They also suggest that the people, who get this information, are responsible to bring about change, because the organization itself can do little by itself. But quite to the contrary, in the first suggestion, the organizations need to gather more information, and more contacts to increase their effectiveness. This could also apply to the second suggestion, but before that, it is necessary that the organizations convert the information to other languages, in that way they can be understood. Selection and use of sources "American Council for Voluntary International Action" InterAction. 26 Oct. 2002 <http://www.interaction.org/> "Amnesty International" Amnesty International. 26 Oct.2002 <http://www.amnesty.org/> Ellis, Sherry. "[Anyone] Fw: World Population-Diversity." Online Posting. 26 April 2000. 2000-April Archives by Thread. Retrieved 27 October 2002 <http://lists.laplaza.org/pipermail/anyone/2000-April/001118.html> "Nua Internet How Many Online" NUA. 26 Oct. 2002 <http://www.nua.ie/surveys/how_many_online/> "Global Internet Statistics" Global Reach. 26 Oct. 2002 <http://www.glreach.com/globstats/> Sewall, Sarah. "The Internet and Human Rights" Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. 26 Oct. 2002 <http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/cchrp/Web%20Working%20Papers/HRand%20Internet.pdf> ...read more.

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