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How do Car Manufacturer's use Language, Structural and Presentational devices to Persuade Buyers? Compare two adverts from TV and Magazine.

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How do Car Manufacturer's use Language, Structural and Presentational devices to Persuade Buyers? Compare two adverts from TV and Magazine. In this essay I intend to analyse and compare the language, presentation and structure of two different advertisements. Both advertise cars however one is for magazine while the other is for TV. Within language I will be looking for language features such as alliterations for example; sheer strength. I will also be looking for structural devices such as the style of layout and presentational devices suck as different font sizes and colours. Ultimately I will try to discover what car manufacturers use in adverts to sell cars. In the Volkswagen magazine advert Volkswagen were advertising their latest Polo cars. There is a large amount of language used the language persuades the consumers by using language devices such as alliterations, '...sheer strength...' as both words begin with s it make the text read with a flow and it is catchy, also the alliteration gives the impression that the polo is a well-built car. ...read more.


'Start by looking at the dashboard' is another minor sentence which is an imperative, the sentence gives the impression that the car has a lot to show. 'It's tough' this short sentence is clear simple and links back to the overall theme of the advert. The advert has two examples of slang, 'Sink back in the plush seats' and 'New Polo hasn't lost any of its nippiness' both of which gives an impression that the advert is informal and connects with the reader. The advert shows off many of the cars feaures and uses them as incentives. Incentives are bonuses, as they will heighten the buyers' opinion of the car. One such example of this is 'Cool sounds come form the high quality stereo system ...' this quotation shows that the car has good quality accessories. '...air-conditioning also switches to recycle when you're reversing ,to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the car' this quotation is very impressive as it show that the car has good technological capabilities 'An all steel body and superbly built chassis give the New polo more rigidity than any other car in its class' this quotation shows how well-built ...read more.


An imperative is a phrase or sentence which commands oneself to do something .It is an effective way of persuasion 'Start by looking at the dashboard. ' This quotation is an example of a direct command. 'Listen.' the last quotation is not only an Imperative word but also a minor sentence. This advert uses a lot of structural devices. The text is set out in small paragraphs with a heading, at 'Arial'-size16, there are five Heading all of which are accompanied by an image or text. The text includes a variation of both large and minor sentences. The advert uses a lot presentational devices such as 'Arial' font at size 12; also there is bigger spacing in-between the word on a line. The font is round but clear making the read more enjoyable. Their are two pictures with diverse colours and an image of the car the third image is a tattoo with the phrase 'I AM INVINCEIBLE' on it, these images are interesting, as well as this all images have the same theme. The theme is the car is tough and sturdy, this theme enhances the idea that the car is well built. ...read more.

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