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How do magazines target their readership by gender?

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How do magazines target their readership by gender? Magazines tend to target their readership by gender by tapping into gender specific stereotypes. This can be shown by the content that conventionally appears in male and female magazines. For example, men's magazines generally contain semi-naked women, cars, sport, jokes, technology/gadgets, fashion and gruesome stories. Women's magazines normally feature fashion, beauty, problems, celebrity news, horoscopes and real life stories. Magazines use gender stereotypes to target their readership because men and women have different interests and by targeting readers by gender, the features of the magazine are more appealing to audiences and this makes more money for the company. The target audience for 'Company' magazine, according to www.natmags.co.uk, is females aged 25. The assumed lifestyle of this audience is they shop when they want, go clubbing when they want, they live for the weekend and know their fashion and popular culture. This assumed lifestyle is connected to the magazine's strap line, 'for your freedom years'. The magazine is priced at �1.99, which would be affordable for the assumed target audience. ...read more.


The magazine features various articles from different women about travelling. This would engage the reader because it may be an aspiration of theirs to go traveling and the article will relate to them. The article shows different experiences of travelling and unveil an aspirational lifestyle. The stories are followed by an article on how to stay safe when travelling, which would engage readers who are interested in the subject. However, the purpose of magazines may be bought by the reader for escapism and entertainment, whereas a focus on real life stories may take this purpose away. Some magazines are not targeted by gender, which include music magazines(NME), television and film(TV Times), interest magazines(gardener's world) and some celebrity gossip magazines(Heat). These magazines are not gender specific and appeal to both male and female audiences. The magazines do this by not including conventional content specific to gender. For example, Heat magazine mainly consists of articles about celebrities. It includes fashion, but this is appealing to both men and women because it features both sexes. ...read more.


The magazine targets the readership by tapping into a fantasy. The feature of sexy in the city would engage the target audience because it consists of a double page spread of girls partying and posing topless. There are photos of them with attractive female celebrities. Most men would aspire to be with an attractive girl like the ones shown, which again shows the magazine targeting readers by tapping into a fantasy. Men's and Women's magazines both target their readership in the same way by tapping into aspirational lifestyles. By featuring the conventional content that appears in most gender specific magazine, it attracts the stereotypes the magazine is intended for and makes the magazines more appealing to separate audiences. Magazines that are not gender specific tend to attract both sexes, but the stereotypes seem to be of people in general who are interested in music, for example. The main reason magazines target their readership by gender, or not in some cases, is purely to make money, as profit is what the magazines set out to maximise. ?? ?? ?? ?? Victoria Canavan ...read more.

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