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How do newspapers present the news? Compare the front page of two newspapers published on the same day.

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How do newspapers present the news? Compare the front page of two newspapers published on the same day. Firstly I am going to look at The Sun. It was published on Thursday, 11th September 2003. It has a big splash headline saying BACK ON 9/11. Without a sub heading and an image this headline doesn't mean much, which makes the reader look down and start to read the article to find out what it's about. It takes up about half the page and leaves very little space for the rest of the story, which is why it is carried on later in the paper. There are only two stories on the first page; the main story is about some video footage on Osama Bin Laden praising 'brave terrorists'. The other is about J-Lo and Ben Affleck's wedding being called off. There is a cross-reference for both of these stories so that the story can be carried on inside the newspaper. There is one image per story. The image of J-Lo and Ben Affleck shows them looking happy together before they broke up. ...read more.


Secondly, I am going to write about The Guardian. It was also published on Thursday, 11th September 2003. There is no splash headline in The Guardian, which makes room for more text or images. The main story is about claims against the Minister who misled the parliamentary committee who were investigating the Iraq record. There are two other stories on this page, the first is about a possible major fraud operation, and the second is about an Israeli jet that targets the Hamas leader. There are cross-references for all three articles, telling them the exact page where the article is carried on, there is also a little section in the bottom right corner of the paper called a Quick Index. This has a few cross-references to different sections of the paper, they are: Letters on page 27, Weather on page 30, Cryptic Crosswords on page 36, Quick Crosswords on page G2, 23 and Today's TV on page G2 back page. There is only one picture on the front page, this is of Geoff Hoon. I think they chose this picture because when people see it, they immediately know whom the article is about, and when they see it, they will read the story to find out more about him. ...read more.


The Sun chose to put a massive splash headline on their first page which greatly decreased the amount of text that could be fitted on the page, also, this headline is short, and does not give you a great amount of detail. The Guardian however has chosen to put smaller headlines, which allows space for a greater amount of text. Although these headlines are smaller, they are longer, and provide much more detail. In The Sun, the pictures are big, bold and 'in your face', whereas in The Guardian, the pictures are more subtle. Apart from the two stories, not much else appears on the front page of The Sun, but on The Guardian, they have a banner like contents along the top of the page, which features interesting articles, and where to find them. It also has a big advertisement for AOL Broadband along the bottom of the page. I prefer tabloid newspapers. I find them easier to read, and have more interesting news in them than the broadsheets. They are also smaller, which make them easier to carry them around with you, and they are cheaper. Ryan Osborn 04/05/2007 Page 1 of 3 ...read more.

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