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How do television companies us scheduling to attract an audience

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How do television companies use scheduling to attract viewers to their channels? All television companies need to attract viewers, and they attract viewers in many different ways. I shall be exploring how channels use one method of attracting an audience, TV scheduling. I will find out the different methods of scheduling, how and why they are used, and why channels need to attract a large audience. BBC The BBC is one of the only channels in the country that doesn't use advertisements to make profits. Instead, they use merchandising. To make money, the BBC sells popular programmes to other countries, such as selling "Eastenders" to America. This makes millions for the BBC, but when they get this money, they don't just give themselves a pay rise. Instead, they put the money back in to the programmes to make them better. ...read more.


Many people like this idea, whereas others don't, due to the fact that their favourite channels get interrupted half way through and would rather pay to stop this. Different advertisement slots cost more money. This depends on how popular the show is. Programmes such as "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me out of Here!" on ITV and "Lost" on Channel 4. These slots would be more expensive due to the fact that more people will be watching during them times. These terrestrial channels also have some very popular shows, such as "Coronation Street", "Deal or no Deal" and "Lost". Tricks of scheduling Hammocking Hammocking is a technique used an unpopular programme is scheduled between two popular ones in the hope that viewers will watch it. ...read more.


This get the audience used to the time it is on so they know what they should watch. This causes uproar when the programme is moved to suit another programme. "Stunt" Scheduling This type of scheduling is used to either extend a show if there is a very big story line. A recent example of this is an hour long "Eastenders", as the story line was publicised so much. Zoning Zoning is like Theming, but it occurs on a regular basis, so the audience will know what night a certain channel will be doing a certain theme, such as on a Saturday night Channel 5 use a Crime theme. Conclusion There are many ways TV Channels attract viewers, such as advertising, scheduling and the genre of the programmes that they air. By using all of these tricks, TV channels can be in with a chance of winning viewers. ...read more.

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