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How do the makers of 'Shrek' use presentational devices to reverse this tradition to reveal the Ogre as good and the prince as evil?

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In traditional fairytales, Ogre's are man-eating beasts. The prince usually rescues the princess; they marry and live happily ever after. How do the makers of 'Shrek' use presentational devices to reverse this tradition to reveal the Ogre as good and the prince as evil? In traditional fairytales such as snow white and the seven dwarfs there is a god person and a hero. In the case of snow white she is the good person, the evil queen is obviously the bad person and the hero's are the seven dwarfs and the prince. With 'Shrek' they have completely turned traditional fairytales around. Normally an Ogre would be bad and the prince would be good, but in 'Shrek' the ogre is good and the prince is bad. Also the dragon would normally get slayed but because of the ogre's non-violent approach to life he doesn't slay the dragon but escapes with the princess and the donkey. ...read more.


The night is emphasised by the large shadows and the flickering of the flames. 'Shrek's home looks innocent and normal. The music dies down and is taken over by the talking of the villagers. They use an over the shoulder shot to make 'Shrek' seem large and threatening. The people are made to seem weak and defenceless because of the camera's high angled shot looking down at them. 'Shrek' after roaring at them then whispers "this is the part when you run away." The donkey is introduced when the donkey's owner is trying to sell him for 10 shillings just because he can talk. The army is made to seem powerless against 'Shrek' because of the over the head camera shot, making 'Shrek' look twice as big as them. 'Shrek' and the donkey meet because the donkey is running away from the army and bumps into 'Shrek'. There size difference is shown because the camera zooms slowly up showing 'Shrek' to be really tall. ...read more.


Also when the storybook characters arrive the makers of 'Shrek' use reference to Disney characters, which adds humour. Shrek is made to seem humorous and reasonable. When Shrek and the donkey arrive at Duloc it is shown to be diplomatic and peace loving. Not at all stereotyping ogre. When at Duloc the only sounds are Fan fares, trumpets, regal music, and punk rock. When Shrek and lord Farquaad meet the camera is angled in such away that it gives the impression that Shrek is smaller than lord Farquaad who is elevated. The lighting for this scene is shown to make Lord Farquaad more important because Shrek is in shade and lord Farquaad is in brighter light. Shrek talks to lord Farquaad reasonably, "Can't we just settle this over a pint!" Cartoon antics at the fight. To set the scene there is quite lively music, gives fighting a fun, non-serious feel, nobody is killed just flattened. The camera angle is low looking up to Farquaad so he seems huge. High angle over the shoulder view of shrek makes him seem small. ...read more.

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