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How do the writers of FHM use language to create a representation of men. The FHM magazine is aimed at men so it portrays men in a positive way.

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How do the writers of FHM use language to create a representation of men. The FHM magazine is aimed at men so it portrays men in a positive way. The purpose of the piece is to entertain and uses a lot of sarcasm to do this to make the reader laugh. The format is very informal and chatty like, to make it more appealing to the reader. A lot of concrete nouns are used such as 'fire' 'lawnmowers' 'sport' 'whiskey' these all are field specific lexis and put across the stereotype of men in general. Also words such as 'score' which are abstract nouns and field specific lexis and relate back to the stereotyped man who likes sport, drinking fire etc. ...read more.


There are a lot of 2nd person and 3rd person pronouns. The 2nd person pronouns such as 'you' make the article direct to the reader and that it's them who it is talking directly too, therefore making the reader feel more involved and making it more entertaining. A lot of adjectives and adverbs are used to again promote more power in men and represent them as being very dominant. 'First' and 'When' are adverbs of time showing power over actions like commandments and that men are in control also 'unwittingly' and 'firm' are pre modifying adjectives, which shows power fronting the adjective 'firm' making it more important, just like men are being represented as being more important. ...read more.


The fact the article is called 'The 10 commandment of man' refers to a religious outlook of the ten commandments in the bible which everyone lives by, saying that these commandments are very important and that everyone should live by them. Rhetorical questions are also used to make the reader feel more involved in the piece and to draw them in. Overall men are represented in a very positive way as the audience is aimed at men. The piece portrays men as the more powerful dominant one and that they are more important than anyone else. Making the male reader feel good and entertain them with the sarcastic funny comments. ...read more.

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