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How does a key sequence from your chosen film communicate its messages and values through sound and image?

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How does a key sequence from your chosen film communicate its messages and values through sound and image? I will be looking at the film 'The Third Man' directed by Carol Reed and the key sequence that I will be looking at is the penultimate scene which is where Harry is chassed in the sewers. This is a significant scene as the use of sound and image help to express the key moments in this scene and allows the audience to be put into Harry's shoes. At the beginning of this scene we only have the sound of footsteps and shouting coming from the police in all the different areas of Vienna. This is significant because of the echo used we as the audience are unsure where about the police are as the voices are magnified and seem to be coming from all angels. This helps the audience understand what Harry is hearing. The use of all the different languages shows that all the police have come to find Harry, this makes it seem scarier as we are ...read more.


This not only shows his weakness but also suggests that Harry has been trapped by bars which give the image and ideology of prison. We then see Holly appear. At that moment when the two characters look at each the music that we as an audience associate as Harry's theme begins to play. This is significant as it tells the audience that it's Harry's exit at had been previously used as Harry's entrance. We have the scene where Harry and Holly are just standing looking at each other, we can make this connection to the western genre which had been mentioned in connection to Holly's novels so we are familiar with that concept but it also shows Harry and Holly's feelings towards each other. We already know that Harry and Holly met in school and have known each other for ages but in this scene we know what the characters are saying to each other without them saying a word. ...read more.


We can gain values from this scene as it shows the fear that Harry is going through from the audience being put in his shoes. The use of sound being magnified and echoed so that it sounded as though the police were closer than they were and that they were coming from all over added fear to the audience as they two are unaware of where they really are. And from being put in Harry's shoes and the fact that Harry is suffering towards the end of the scene we can gain values of not to commit crimes similar to Harry's as the audience has become aware of what Harry did. There is also the fact that he went from being a strong, dominate and forceful character to almost begging towards Holly. The darkness also creates a sense of fear as we as an audience have some area blackened out which makes the audience fear what is there and with the footsteps and yelling, we don't know where they will come from so there's the fear of them appearing out of the blackness. Words 1,068 ...read more.

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