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How Does Mean Girls Conform With the Teen Film Genre

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How Does Mean Girls Conform With the Teen Film Genre (Paramount 2004) If I was to walk into a video store I would be able to choose from many different genres as this is how they are organised into categories. The genre that Mean girls comes under is "teen" genre. A teen genre is a film that is broadly appealing to a teenage audience. The film we studied was Mean Girls which is an American teen movie. The sub genre for this film was the School picture. By this I mean that it as set and revolved about teenagers at an American High school. The representation is these kind of films are stereotypes of the characters and mean girls was no different they put different labels on the characters for example there were the jocks, cheerleaders, Asian nerds, plastics (the popular girls kind of come under cheerleaders) and the people who don't fit in. The characters were about 16 -17 about the same age as the target audience perhaps a bit younger e.g. most teenagers are around 14-15 when they start to watch the films. ...read more.


She faces problems she never had to face in Africa which we ironically think would be far more complicated than an average "civilized" high school. She faces the daunting prospect of having to find new friends which is hard for any newcomer to face. She is swept into the high school system of hierarchy she is then transformed into a bitching girly girl very different to the moral, child of the earth when she arrived at the school not too long ago. Cady falls into the plastics evil ways of sneering behind other peoples backs and spreading malicious rumors. She uses her knowledge of African wild animals and relates to the way that the teenagers at her school are not to different that our predecessors. In the category of teen genre some of the issues are quite true to life although the characters are at times not. The issues of drink, drugs, sex and partying are very true in our teenage culture today. In the school where Cady attends a math's teacher is labeled as a drug pusher. ...read more.


in a romantic film like "Romeo and Juliet" included a soundtrack by garbage which was a very moving and emotional song. For a film which is for teenagers the music can be chosen from a list full of artists on the popular music scene in 2004 pink was big and had released some big hits like "like a pill" which showed the ways she was bullied at school and felt she had to turn to drugs to solve these problems that escalated in her life. The film mean girls conforms with its genre extremely well because it represents a funny stereotypical overview of a typical American high school in the present time they show issues that lots of teenagers face throughout there adolescent years at least once. This mise-en-scene helps you to eventually relate to the characters and what makes them the way they are and how they could be helped to change and often most teenagers know someone a bit like Regina George and have seen someone a bit like Cady fall into the traps of such people and take there time to realise just how much they have changed. This is why I think Mean Girls conforms with the teen genre. ...read more.

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