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how does michael moore mediate farahneit 9/11

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How does Michael Moore use Mediation in the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11? Michael Moore uses mediation in lots of different ways to create emotion in the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11. Firstly we see an extreme long shot of fireworks panning down onto a celebration scene in Florida. It then cuts to a medium shot of Al Gore, with the sound of the crowd and non diagetic music playing in the background. This has connotations of magic and dreams and makes the audience feel like everything is perfect. He does this to make a happy scene seem even happier. We then hear a voice over of Michael Moore saying "was it all just a dream" in an ironic tone as he is making fun of the scene. ...read more.


This is carried across to the audience through his mediation of the non-diagetic music and the voice over by Moore. Straight after this we see a close up shot of George bush laughing; this makes him seem like a villain, making the audience take a dislike to him. Michael Moore has positioned the audience to laugh with him. In the next sequence is the joint session. A lot of different types of mediation are used in this sequence. As it is a powerful scene and important for the audience to watch. The black politicians are protesting about bush being elected, but are being told one by one that without a seniors signature they must sit down. ...read more.


This is used to make bush seem foolish, and not capable of being president. With the non-diagetic hill Billy music still playing in the background, the audience are made to feel anger towards him and his ridiculous behaviour. All these uses of mediation are to make the audience feel what Michael Moore wants them to feel about George bush and the republicans. This is to dislike them. He wants the audience favour the democrats as he is a democrat himself. And through the use of mediation, it works, by exadurating the bad qualities that the republican party have. And making George bush seem foolish. And Al gore seem like he was cheated out of being elected president it was produced to make voters vote against republicans. And For democrats. Natasha Williams 12HL ...read more.

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