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How does 'Notting Hill' conform to the typical conventions of the romantic comedy genre?

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How does 'Notting Hill' conform to the typical conventions of the romantic comedy genre? Viewers approach the film 'Notting Hill' with many expectations. It stars Hugh Grant as a shy London bookseller called William Thacker who has never had much luck with women and Julia Roberts as Anna Scott, a major Hollywood star. Both Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts are well-known for their starring roles in romantic comedies and so viewers will have certain expectations after having seen their previous films and will measure 'Notting Hill' against other films of the romantic comedy genre, including those starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. 'Notting Hill' is written by Richard Curtis, whose fame is largely based on his successes in the romantic comedy genre. Other major films that he is renowned for include 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' (1994), 'Bridget Jones's Diary' (2001), 'Love Actually' (2003), and more recently, 'Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason' (2004). These films are all examples of successful romantic comedies, and interestingly, they all star Hugh Grant. 'Notting Hill' is not just a romantic comedy, but part of a group of films which portray British society to the rest of the world. ...read more.


It is for this reason that 'Notting Hill' and other similar films, as well as the actors and actresses starring in them, have become so popular. 'Notting Hill,' and other similar films, are not just romantic comedies, but also a critique of an idealistic view of British society. The film starts in equilibrium. William Thacker and Anna Scott haven't met and are both leading separate and contented lives. The film starts with the non-diegetic sound of a presenter talking about Anna Scott and the sound of cheering while the Universal Studios logo is still on the screen. This established Anna Scott's role as a major Hollywood actress before we even see her onscreen. The soundtrack 'She' by Elvis Costello starts playing simultaneously to a series of shots of Anna Scott looking very glamorous with styled hair and wearing designer dresses at premieres, photo shoots and on magazine covers. The soundtrack, complemented by the diegetic cheering of the crowds at premieres, the continuous flashing of cameras and the close-up shots of Anna Scott, clearly introduces her character. Also, the opening of the film self-consciously plays on the British view of American "glamour." ...read more.


He struggles to think of anything to say and when he does say something it comes out sounding a little daft, which is amusing for the audience. As with any other romantic comedy, the storyline will now commence in a struggle as the two characters overcome their differences. A new equilibrium will be reached when the two characters can finally overcome their differences by discovering that opposites attract, but until then the audience will be entertained by their efforts to get along as they fall for each other. This is the conventional plot on which most romantic comedies are based and 'Notting Hill' is no different. In conclusion, 'Notting Hill' conforms to the typical conventions of the romantic comedy genre as it follows the traditional plot for romantic comedies. Also, the film contains two stars renowned for their appearances in romantic comedies and is also written by a writer who is famous for writing similar films. The use of sound is in the film is also conventional. The tagline for the film is "Can the most famous film star in the world fall for the man in the street?" According to the conventions of romantic comedy, the question is not if she can fall in love with him, but when? ?? ?? ?? ?? Leonore Cilliers 1 ...read more.

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