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How does the director create suspense and tension for the audience in the film

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Media "The Others" How does the director create suspense and tension for the audience in the film "The Others"? In the film "The Others", there are three scenes, which are particularly good because they show different types of shots, how the director controls the audience and various other features. Also featuring in these scenes is how music along with shots creates tension in a scene. The director Alejando Ameriabar also has techniques where he is in control of the audience this is very powerful in a film like this as it can bring up the rating of the film. The three scenes, which contain these qualities, are: The scene where Grace the mother hears a child crying, The scene where Grace hears the piano playing and The scene where Nicholas the son and Anne the daughter climb out of the bedroom window and reveal the gravestone. In this scene where Grace the mother hears a child crying Mrs Mills talks to Grace about Lydia the dumb house girl, and about her history of being dumb, Mrs Mills stops minutes into the conversation and leaves to check on Mr Tuttle. This makes the audience want to know what actually happened to her. ...read more.


She walks downstairs, she picks up a shot gun (mid shot) walks to the door. There is then a close up of her hand and the door handle. This really makes the audience undergo some anxiety because they don't know what is going to happen next, in the back of their minds they perhaps know something freaky but they won't be prepared for it. She opens the door; the camera goes in and shows the piano in darkness. Then shows Grace who comes in with the gun looking for the "intruder". Then there is a mid-shot of her watching the door close by itself. Then the intense music starts quietly when she shuts the piano and locks the cover. Then the music gets loud and stops. She leaves the room mid-shot of Grace & door. Then the door shuts by itself again. She opens the door again and fiddles with it confused why it keeps shutting. She pushes the door, (close up of face while doing this). Then the camera comes behind her and you see the door whacked into her face and you see her fall. The shotgun falls out of her hand, (close-up of shotgun on the floor). ...read more.


Interrupted by Anne "I don't care what I said get away from them" the children ran frantically screaming. The music is very loud at this point. Grace runs outside she screams " children" with her shot gun in hand she walks a couple of steps and she see the children and says "run" the children scream. Grace says, "Quickly go, go, run" grace then fires rounds at the servants. Who then explain that it is a waste of time as tuberculosis finished them off, and there's no point of shooting. The director has used a lot of music in this section probably as it has the dense part of the film in it. The audience are now completely terrified because of this outcome. This music, which is being played, really gets the tension flowing and scares the audience, the director has also used split scenes from the children outside to grace in the house. This is effective as it shows the same thing happening but in different places, like it is showing the truth but showing it one by one. The audience have now come to the peak of the films story; they have been twisted by the end effect, they never knew that that was going to be the outcome and know realises why other actions have taken place. Kavit Shah 10F 10E-TPL media "The Others" ...read more.

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