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How does the director of "Friends" use the opening titles to promote a successful situation comedy and encourage the viewer to continue watching?

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How does the director of "Friends" use the opening titles to promote a successful situation comedy and encourage the viewer to continue watching? 1.Introduction You need to explain how "Friends" is a very popular television programme. State some facts about the show: how it is shown every English speaking country in the world, how videos and DVDs of the show are popular and that the cast get paid huge amounts of money. Also say something about who watches the programme. State that in this essay, you'll be addressing the question above. The programme "Friends" is one of the most popular television programmes in the world it is shown in... 3. Genre Explain what genre is and say what genre the programme "Friends" is. ...read more.


How do the opening titles of "Friends" grab our attention? Also say a little bit about the opening to only Fools and Horses. Mention the short, amusing clips that we see in "Friends" (like Monica sitting in the fridge, Joey and Chandler running with all the baby equipment), shots of New York and the canned laughter (and how it encourages you to laugh as well). Say that this particular episode used famous stars such as Julia Roberts in the opening. 4. The theme song Explain what the theme song is called and who performs it. What sort of programme do we expect after hearing the song what can you say about the song? Is it an uplifting and a happy feel-good song? ...read more.


Are they attractive or stylish? Do they look appealing to the audience? Give examples of the appealing things they do in opening titles that make you want to continue watching. Mention the italic writing that are used for the titles. Say this looks more like handwriting and more familiar, as if it was writtin by one of your own friends. We see the cast of the show during the opening titles. They are... The italic writing used for the titles is important. It looks as if it was written by... Conclusion Recap on the importance of opening sequences in TV and films. Although they are only under a minute, lots of thought and preparation go into them. Give your own opinion on "Friends"' explain why you like or dislike it. If you don't like it, explain why others do. Opening titles to TV programmes and films are important. This is because... ...read more.

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