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How does Toy Story 2 follow conventions of the animation genre to appeal to a polysemic audience?

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Emma Wickham. How does Toy Story 2 follow conventions of the animation genre to appeal to a polysemic audience? Toy Story 2 (John Lasseter, 1999) could be considered a hybrid of many different genres, similarly to other animated films. This film follows genre conventions of action, western and, of course, animation films, with some elements of comedy. Genre means the type of film that it is, i.e. romance. The conventions within these films make it clear to the audience about the genre, i.e. a romance film will include a relationship between two people who are passionate about each other. One reason that animated films appeal to a large audience is because of the many different conventions used within the film. For example, audiences who enjoy action films may want to watch this film for the action scenes and because it is advanced in its use of computer animation, this offers a polysemic appeal. The conventions in certain genres push the narrative along. For example a horror film may contain a murder scene which is a convention of the horror genre. ...read more.


While Woody is riding Bullseye he is saying stereotypical quotations of cowboys. Such as, "Run like the wind," and "Giddy up." The western theme within Toy Story 2 is part of the narrative, rather than a genre followed in other animations. A key convention of animation films is that in the end of the film all problems are resolved and the characters are happy. By the end of the climax it is clear to the audience that all the toy characters are happy. The last line in my sequence is, "Lets go home." The tone that Woody uses when saying this line is happy and as if all of his problems have been resolved. Another key convention in animated films is that the bad guy always loses. This is true in Toy Story 2 because Al loses Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete, along with a lot of money. The bad guy in Finding Nemo for example is the dentist. He ends up losing Nemo when he escapes. However, the dentist is not a conventional bad guy, because he took Nemo for the reason that he was in open water and in danger of larger fish. ...read more.


In conclusion, the many different genre conventions followed within the film allow for a larger audience. The narrative is kept quite simple for younger audiences, but cleverly, the narrative is kept exciting with lots of different things happening as not to bore the audience. Toy Story 2 could be described as action packed, with lots of different problems to be faced and resolved. Animated films are popular not only for the different genres used, but also it may remind an adult audience of their youth and happy times. Another valid point to make about this particular film, and why it may be successful, is that, toys coming to life when you are out of the room, is a child's fantasy. Another reason why this film in particular was popular is because it is a second movie. Audiences who enjoyed the first movie of the two, will expect this movie to be just as good, if not better than the other one. Toy Story 2 made a worldwide gross of $485015179; this proves that it was very successful all over the world. ...read more.

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