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How effective is the opening of 'Minority Report'?

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How effective is the opening of 'Minority Report'? The genre of this film is a modern Sci-Fi movie that deals with the issue of fate and free will. It is in the future because it says the date at the start of the film. The film deals with the issue of free will and fate because the police have a department of 'pre crime' and they can see into the future with there new machine. Next they find the person who might commit the crime and do a test, but sometimes the machine goes wrong. If the test is positive then an arrest is made which could change the course of the world. This makes the audience think if the police are doing the right thing because they may save lives but what would of happened if the police didn't make the arrest? The lighting of the film is very effective. At the police station there are lots of dark colours such as black, blue and silver this giving a sense of fear and robots. ...read more.


In the opening clip for example you have you have the man murdering on screen then you have the quiet family scene where everything is happening normally. I feel that this quick editing gives the audience a chance to play along and see if they can work out how the quiet family scene at breakfast goes from normal to completely insane like doing a jigsaw with no picture. I feel as a viewer it is very sneaky how the producer managed to keep us guessing and thinking on how this might occur. In the film there is also very quick editing when we are getting to the climax of the murder because we go back and forth from hero to soon to be villain then just as the villain lifts his murderous weapon then Tom Cruise bursts in to save the day and make the arrest with only seconds to go. The glass splattering really sounds realistic when the police break through for the arrest. The sounds in this film opening are good because it gets across the mood very well is sometimes very quiet and left in the background or it is loud and in your face. ...read more.


He would seem to be slamming the door in our face giving us the sense of urgency him kicking the door down he is a man with a mission. We have focuses on many new objects such as the tester machine, which shines in the murderer's eyes to see if he is the guilty party. There is another shot of a head piece which is really weird completely white and has an astounded shock on its face when it sees the murderer on the sieling above it. On the whole I feel that this film opening is really effective not just because of all the gadgets and the other amazing things it is because of the feelings it gets across it makes us think of a world of no free choice it is a daunting thought of knowing your going to do something and you could do the exact opposite or could we? The film opening is also good at keeping us in the dark because we don't know what happens until the very end this is extremely good use of suspense because you have to watch the rest or be forever left in the dark. ...read more.

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