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How effectively does the trailer of 'The Others' use horror conventions

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How effectively does the trailer of 'The Others' use horror conventions to increase tension for the audience? The main aim of film trailers is to encourage people to see the film. Filmmakers do this by showing some of the best clips from the film, but not so much that you'll know what happens. While the clips are showing, usually an American voice gives you a brief synopsis. Other information given about the film is the director, the main actor, the age certificate and the date it is released. The horror genre has a good market because lots of people enjoy being scared senseless. ...read more.


These are things seen in almost every horror film, as they create a scary atmosphere and are easy to do. Music and sound effects are very useful for horror films. Generally the music they use is off key and eerie. In a very scary part of the film the music usually goes faster and louder, especially when you see a character running away from something or someone, and when the character has hidden, the music goes a lot quieter and sometimes you hear them breathing or whispering. The most used sound effects are the creaking door, a clock striking midnight and a 'helpless' woman screaming. ...read more.


You have the scared, vulnerable woman running away scared, and wise old woman knowing exactly what's going to happen. The children are trying to tell their mother what's going on, and she always thinks they're just imagining things. No one believes children in horror films, which is unfair because they always know what's going on. The effect the filmmakers want on the audience is for the audience to run out and see the film. When I watched the trailer, I definitely wanted to go and see it because it looked like a good plot and I wanted to find out what happened in the end, which is the desired effect of the trailer. In conclusion, the trailer of 'The Others' uses horror conventions to increase tension for the audience very effectively By Kathryn Carroll ...read more.

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