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How Far Does Contemporary Radio Provide Audiences With Genuine Diversity of Listening Choice?

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How Far Does Contemporary Radio Provide Audiences With Genuine Diversity of Listening Choice? It is generally believed that audiences are provided with a diverse listening choice but this only seems to be true for national radio stations. These are the BBC stations, Talk Sport, Virgin and Classic FM. The BBC also provides regional radio stations which are different to the independent local radio stations on offer which are based on middle of the road popular music as it attracts the masses and, therefore, the advertisers. The regional BBC stations focus more on local issues and discussions with less music. The BBC provides five national radio stations each with a different remit. ...read more.


When Radio One began to change Radio 2 was able to accept it's old listeners with easy listening music, interviews, advice and comedy. It is seen to be the station to listen to when a person has outgrown Radio One. Radio Three is seen to be very elitist as it plays almost uninterrupted classical music. When Classic FM started in 1992 Radio Three also underwent a change by lightening the tone and having shorter pieces. Its target audience is social-economic grades A and B. Radio Four provides hard political news aimed at age thirty-five plus grades A and B. It has in depth comment and contains drama, the arts, a soap, quizzes, documentaries and interviews. ...read more.


However, with the 1990 Broadcasting Act competition has come from independent national radio. When Classic FM started in 1992 it provided an accessible alternative to Radio Three as it is has a lighter tone and plays shorter and better known pieces. It is a popular station, which attracts grades A, B and C1. Because of this it is also popular advertisers. Virgin provides an alternative to Radio One as it plays modern music to a younger audience. However, Virgin does not offer the musical diversity that Radio One does as it plays only middle of the road popular music, which attracts high audience ratings. Talk, or more recently Talk Sport has provided competition for Radio Five Live. It is also speech based and is friendly, accessible and often controversial. ...read more.

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