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How has the Internet been used to market Rock music? Comparing a main stream source to a non main stream source.

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How has the Internet been used to market Rock music Comparing a main stream source to a non main stream source The music industry Is a multi billion pound industry with over 4 billion CD's Sold last year. In 2002 for the first time, Rock became the best selling genre. Its shares of sales increased to reach 31%, which was an increase of 3 % according to BPI web statistics. Rock Music originated from rhythm and blues in the 1950's its main characteristics were the use of electric guitars, a strong rhythm and often lyrics targeted at young people. Artists such as buddy holly, Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley were popular artists. In the 1950's, in the 1950's Music was marketed very differently to how it is now, there were few mediums compared to the amount there are now. The only forms of advertising were on the radio or posters. Since then music marketing has become the multi billion pound business that it now is. Rock music's popularity started to increase in the late 90's due to the birth of 'Nu Metal' and 'Pop Punk'. Both combined rock, with other more popular genres such as hip-hop and pop music. The lyrics were easy to relate to and the music was instantly popular. ...read more.


There are no other adverts on the website for any other products, This is a huge difference to Kerrangs website, they have advertisements for 'Snickers', 'Aloud.com' who are also part of the Emap group, 'Kerrang Radio' which is Kerrang's radio station, this shows how big a website kerrang is compared to bigmonster Kerrang is marketed at a more mainstream audience then Bigmonster it is in their interest to, Kerrang.com not only contains information, it also promotes 'Kerrang TV' 'Kerrang magazine' and 'Kerrang Radio'. This is evident from the bands that they have featured on the site; the main feature on the site is about 'Muse' Bigmonster is marketed at a more niche audience the main feature on the same day is an interview with 'Thursday' who are a much smaller and less popular band then 'Muse', it is in Kerrang's interest to have an article on a larger artist as they need to appeal to a larger audience. Having an article on a bigger more popular artist means that more people will buy the magazine to read the article, it also means that the artists label will be grateful for front page coverage of one of their artists and as a result will give Kerrang more work. It is also assumed that bigmonsters audience have more knowledge about music then Kerrangs audience and thus will be more interested in some smaller artists who might not be as well known. ...read more.


- Moby And as a result independent music sales began to rise. Eventually as a result of so much bad press and fears of them loosing money due to their decision the RIAA decided to not sue some of the people, instead demanding that they pay settlement costs or face lawsuits. In conclusion Websites are used to promote music through reviews , news and interviews , in Kerrangs case they also promote their magazine , and radio station which are their other forms of promoting music. There are some major differences between a larger music website and a smaller website , these are mainly due to money , and experience , a larger website such as kerrang.com is allowed much more freedom and is given many more opportunitys then a smaller website such as bigmonsterhitslittletokyo.com , They are given the opportunity to interview the larger bands , being a larger website also means they have more acsess to the larger record labels and as a result are provided with much more information including news. The writing on both websites is of a good level and there is little difference between them though as Kerrang are considered an authority when it comes to rock music are allowed to show more criticism towards an artist then a smaller website would be allowed. ...read more.

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