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How Have Mobile Phone Companies Promoted Their Products?

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How have mobile Phone companies promoted their products? Nokia mobile phones are designed to appeal to a wide market from children to Adults, with the introduction of the Prepay range. Manufacturers have been able to increase sales yearly as more and more people are buying Mobile Phones. There are many types of Media that mobile phone manufacturers can use to promote their products, The Internet, Television, Newspapers and the Radio. The Internet is used by millions of people all over the world. ...read more.


Over the next few years, more and more people will connect to the Internet and the industry will become even more competitive as the new 3G mobiles are launched. Television is another very affective form of media. Adverts for Mobile phones are shown on all major channels and these adverts easily catch the eye and are an effective way to show products in use. The logos and brand names are recognised the world over and adverts that are catchy can encourage new customers. ...read more.


Newspaper adverts can contain a lot of written information and pictures but they cannot show phones in action. Information can be written about the features and the prices of a phone. Newspaper adverts cannot show the phone in colour and they cannot demonstrate the phone's features, adverts in broadsheets though, can easily appeal to businessman and people with more money. The Radio is not an effective way to promote mobile phones. You cannot show people your products and you can only tell them about it, it doesn't allow people to see it for themselves. You cannot reach as many people as on the Internet or on the television. ...read more.

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