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How suspense is created and maintained in the opening scene of the matrix

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How suspense is created and maintained in the opening scene of the matrix "The Matrix" that was created and produced by the wachowski brothers, was revolutionary at the time that it was created and is still being looked upon for being the pioneer of the camera shot bullet time. It was widely reviewed and was quoted "the action film of the millennium" by Total Film. One way that the directors create suspense is using visual effects. An example of this is bullet time, a revolutionary idea that involves over one hundred and fifty still cameras to create a slow motion picture that creates suspense and creates a certain aura of mystery when you first see it shown. Another way that the directors create suspense is to choose their locations very easily to try and emphasize the importance and aim of a particular scene. One scene that they achieved this was in the nightclub. The reason that they chose a nightclub was to create a sense of safety in numbers. The packed club is less likely to be attacked because of all the people and therefore is a safer place to talk and share information that is exactly what they did. ...read more.


The way that this works is that the numbers are shown by zooming in. The audience focus in on the numbers and they realise the question "why are the numbers significant?". A good example of editing is when the typing on the computer monitor wakes up Neo. The computer typing then tells him to follow the white rabbit. When we are first shown this there is no real significance about a white rabbit, this leaves the audience wondering about how it will become significant. A few moments later, the information becomes noticeable as the director uses a point of view shot to create a sense of importance. At first, you are shown Neo catching his eye on something; you then see the rabbit on the shoulder through the point of view of Neo. Although the point of view shot, is what makes you see what he is seeing without the shot before when you see him notice it the point of view shot would not have had the same effect. Editing is also used after just before this when trinity leaves the matrix. ...read more.


It is also a very small space that comes into effect when they start fighting as the small space makes the action more intense with only a small space for them to fight in. Another piece of voice over happens right at the start of the film. A total blackout with just to people talking makes you concentrate more on what they are saying. A character that we don't know yet says "Morphius believes that he is the one" just this simple piece of dialogue insights us a range of different questions "who is morphius?", "Who is he?", "what is the one?" and "who is it who is speaking?". Even from the start of the of the movie we are being already in the thick of it trying to work out things that we do not even know about. I feel that the actual plot and dialogue creates the best suspense in the matrix, as without that the other pieces that are used would not make sense. The way that the directors have set out and structured this movie makes it truly brilliant. However, for me it is the plot and the dialogue that separates it from the rest. ?? ?? ?? ?? 10/05/2007 Ashley Woof ...read more.

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