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How technolgy effects my community

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How has your community benefited from the use of technologies Introduction The town I am writing about is Mynydd Isa. This is a small town just outside of Mold in Flintshire. It has a population of about 6000 people. The town its self is centralised around a group of small shops. The town is very quaint and houses 3 schools. CCTV The first technology I have chosen to write about is the security camera. There are CCTV cameras installed, albeit discreetly, at almost every social area in my community, such as the local shop, the library, the chip shop and even my school and homes throught Mynydd Isa. Security cameras are set up for any number of reasons but mostly for protection of property and piece of mind. If a business such as a small corner shop or house felt that it needed a little more security and protection for their premises and prevent their livelihood or cherish home from being vandalised or maybe a theft, what better way to protect it than to install a security camera. This is a great deterrent for the youths who may be hanging around the properties at night. It also gives the shop's customers or home owners an extra sense of well being, allowing them to go to the shop at night or even in the cover of darkness, they know they are being monitored by the security cameras. This is true of many older people in particular, as large gangs of teenagers hanging around , even if they do not mean harm, can be intimidating to an older person. Therefore, having the cameras does allow them to feel they can still retain their independence. Once a camera is installed, it can be connected to a television monitor. This would mean that the owner of the security camera could see exactly what the camera was seeing at 'real time' allowing the owner not to miss anything. Also, this could then be recorded using any simple VCR. ...read more.


However the advantages of having the ATM are also very clear to see. As they can supply the community with the money they what without even leaving Mynydd Isa. Also the ATM is placed in a position in the town were it will get frequent use from people using the shops and public houses. Without the ATM machine many people in Mynydd Isa particularly older people who may struggle to get down to Mold would suffer a great deal and would find it very difficult to live. Speed Cameras The third technology I am going to examine is the introduction of speed cameras in my local area. The speed camera is thought by many to potentially save thousands of lives a year simply by being placed in heavily congested areas such as schools and town centres. It is thought that by reducing speed in areas where pedestrians will be crossing roads or children playing near by. Speed Camera are needed in Mynydd Isa to allow the people of the town to be able to cross the roads without being scared of being hit by a speeding car. The way this has been achieved in Mynydd Isa is by putting a speed camera on the main road through the town. As this helps prevent motorists speeding because when they see the signs and camera they slow down. There are 4000 speed cameras placed strategically around Great Britain to catch people who are travelling beyond the speed limit. There are 13 speed cameras in the Flintshire area including one in Mynydd Isa. The speed cameras work by firstly measuring the speed of the car going past. It does this using a number of ways, one of these ways is the two strips method. This consists of two strips bedded in the road at a set distance away from each other and as you go over the first strip you will be timed and it will stop once you go over the other strip. ...read more.


* A way for older people to do their shopping without having to go to Mold. * A way for people without internet access to do research and homework. * A way of keeping in touch with friends . Disadvantages * A limited supply of computer and time spent on them. * Less likely to get a go on the computers because there are such high demand for them within my community. * Many people don't know how to use the internet. * You have to go to the library or school to use the computers as this is where they are situated. * You can not use the computers past half past four as this is when the library closes. Evaluation The internet access in Mynydd Isa is very popular and has been a welcome addition to my community because people now have the opportunity to use the internet, which is something some of the people in my community have never had access to. Without the internet access many people within Mynydd Isa would struggle as they use the internet on a weekly basis and would no longer have access to online shopping websites or friend finding websites and because computer are so expensive may not be able to afford one for themselves. The internet access I feel does fit the needs of most people in Mynydd Isa as they always have access to the internet. However, this does not mean to say I would not change a few things about the internet access. I would firstly make the library stay open a little longer as it is Impractical for it to shut at half four as many people who work in the day time would not be able to use the computers because the library would be closed. Another way I would change the internet access in Mynydd Isa would be to have more computers available to the community because there is a big demand for them but only a few computers available to use. ?? ?? ?? ?? Chris Ellis Mrs Ford Coursework ...read more.

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