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How the director creates Tension - I am writing an essay on films, I am studying the camera movement, the scenario etc.

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I am writing an essay on films, I am studying the camera movement, the scenario etc. I am studying the films "scream", in this film the horror starts as early as the opening credits. The word scream appears on the screen in bold white letters, at this point you can hear a scream and the texts turns red, putting the picture in the viewers head that someone has been stabbed, this builds up the excitement, you then hear a number of screams, the text then blurs and eventually fades out of the screen, giving the idea that someone has died. The first victim is typical, the first victim is female, she is blonde, flirtatious down the phone, home alone and she is a teenager. ...read more.


at the same time she is having the conversation she is cooking some popcorn, as the conversation becomes more revealing the popcorn bag is becoming larger , this is showing that the tension is building and makes the viewer feel as if something is about to happen. Also while she is on the phone she looks outside and the swing is moving, this shows that someone has been there and maybe still are. The light outside is very dim and natural for example the moonlight outside is very soft so your vision isn't as good as it would be if there was normal light outside, they do this so that the viewer cant see everything outside due to shadows and clouds, this gives it a eerie affect. ...read more.


The backshot of the character shows that the victim is being followed and the victim is unaware of what is really going on, because we the viewers see everything and the victim on ever sees one view. The director uses editing to show tension. They do this by going from one place to another, for example it goes from the house straight to the garden, this makes the viewer believe that someone is there, another use of editing is when th camera frequently goes from the action to the popcorn, by doing this the popcorn represents the tension, because the popcorn bag grows as the tension grows. The name of this film also adds to the horror "Scream" people usually scream when they are scared, this makes the viewers edgy throughout the film as the thy name represents horror "scream". ...read more.

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