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How you spend your leisure time versus how your parentsspend their leisure time.

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How you spend your leisure time versus how your parents spend their leisure time. My parents are in their late middle age. My mom is in her late forties and my dad is in his late fifties and retired. Meanwhile I am nineteen, pretty much healthy and energetic. As with all people, the older we grow the slower we are and are more pone to illnesses. With this in mind, we go into the point that I am trying to make, the huge gap in the way I spend my leisure time compared to my parents. As with any normal teenage, what I consider leisure would include a lot of loud noises, bright lights and friends gossiping about anything except schoolwork and world news (proven fact that modern day teenagers aren't the brightest people in the world). ...read more.


After that, my friends and I would adjourn to the nearest coffee shop; not your normal mamak stall but rather places like CoffeeBean or San Franciso Coffee House, places where they specialize in coffee and definitely in high prices as well. There we spend out time "lepaking" and basically hanging out. Teenagers are actually nocturnal animals. We are more active at night. This fact applies more heavily to college goers actually. A night out in town won't be complete without a visit to a disco. There we dance our hearts out or maybe drown out sorrows in alcohol. It may seem to be a bad habit but as long as we learn to stay away from bad habits like smoking and taking drugs it can be a way of releasing stress as is the most important element in having leisure time. ...read more.


Most of the days the just enjoy each other company. Individually my parents have different hobbies, my father's lie in his fish pond where he rears koi fish and various carp. He claims that they create a certain ying-yang balance in our house. Meanwhile my mom's hobby lay more in her vegetable garden. She grows various types of chilies, fruit trees and vegetables. Even though I and my parents have different leisure activities, we do share one thing in common; the love for books. There are definitely days where we spend out leisure time with a good book. No matter how you spend your leisure time, the main point is that you are able to relax and reduce stress while enjoying your favorite activity before going back into the real world again. ...read more.

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