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I am going to compare how generic codes and conventions are used to create the identity and image of one commercial website and one educationally based website.

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For this assignment I am going to compare how generic codes and conventions are used to create the identity and image of one commercial website and one educationally based website. The two websites I will be comparing are nike.com and s-cool.co.uk. First I will begin by reviewing each website. http://www.s-cool.co.uk/ s-cool.co.uk is an education website dedicated to providing information about school subjects, teenager life style issues, and career opportunities for students age 14-19. It's a free service aimed at UK students. The site is a free service funded by sponsor ship from companies who support the specific subject areas. On the homepage you have a small introduction with links to GCSE revision, A Level and AS Level, careers, entertainment, and more. The design of the site is fairly simple. The layout is not too advanced and it is easy to navigate, a good quality of an educational site. On a bar to the left of the page you have all the links to the rest of the main content. When you click on the GCSE revision link a new page opens up and provides new links to GCSE subjects like biology, French, physics, and a lot of others. Once you select a subject you are presented with more sub-categories. The actual content itself looks very useful. There are bright colours and each sage is numbered to make following the content easier. A printer friendly version of every page is provided. ...read more.


Along the bottom of the box are links to information about Nike, privacy information, and the copyright notice at the bottom. This adds to the corporate feel. Diagonally across the page you have the links to Nike football, Nike Women, Nike Bowerman, and Nike Freestyle. The links contain eye-catching pictures, and when you move the mouse pointer over them the image changes. This sort of interactivity is very intriguing giving a corporate feel and makes you want to continue to browse the rest of the site. If you browse to the football section, a new browser window pops up immediately taking over your screen. As this section loads you watch all the individual components of the site move into place. This is interesting to watch, and the section is given a chrome and futuristic feel. There are transparent images which follow your mouse pointer, trying to get you to click on them. There are downloads to choose from, games, videos, and a showcase on Nike football products. On this section of the website, you can tell that a lot of effort has been put in to its creation, and a lot of technology must have been used. Together these help to create the commercial image. When you take click on the Women's section, 3 windows instantly pop up. This is actually very annoying, but common among commercial sites, so it does help to create the image of a commercial website. The look is completely different to the football section. ...read more.


As you move your mouse pointer over hyperlinks, you get special effects. The transition from page to page varies, some pages roll in, others fade in, and there are many other effects too. I think this sort of interactivity from Nike gives its website the more corporate feel. I think the similarity between the two websites is the way they appeal to their specific audiences; I think they do this very well. The sites identify their audiences and stick to them. From the moment each site loads they engage their audience. The s-cool website manages to do this by having animated images on its front page with words like "A-Level" and "English Literature" for its revision section, as well as having eye catching banners at the top pointing to other educational content. It is not at all subtle, it is right "in your face" and this is what the target audience, students, will like. On the Nike website as soon as it loads the standard is set. From the very beginning the site is stylish, like the products they make. The target audience of this website are, stylish people who like Nike products, and it all fits together very well. Personally I think both websites are good at serving their purposes. I know I would probably use the s-cool website in the future because of all the useful content and features aimed at people my age, and I would probably use Nike website if I wanted information on things like the latest trends and styles. Vinesh Patel 1 ...read more.

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