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I gradually formed a new story idea for an opening sequence, about a husband killing his wife, which would then lead onto the rest of the film to show what his motive was for doing so. This idea was further adapted to suit the actors that we had available

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Evaluation: Since studying films, I have found a great personal attraction to documentary style films which have been recently introducing themselves to the Hollywood scene. My immediate interest was established after seeing 'A Hard Day's Night', which is a biographical film based on the 'Beatles' directed by Richard Lester. With this unique appealing style, I decided to watch another film directed by Lester, which was in a similar documentary style called 'Get Back'. Ever since, I have been inspired to create a film portrayed in a documentary style, this project then became the ideal opportunity. "'Documentary film' is a broad category of visual expressions that is based on the attempt, in one fashion or another, to "document" reality"1. During the course of the project we as a group changed storyline ideas a couple of times purposely to suit our surroundings and materials. Originally we had created a story which would be shot outside of college time but it had many impractical shots and as we had restricted technical ability I gradually formed a new story idea for an opening sequence, about a husband killing his wife, which would then lead onto the rest of the film to show what his motive was for doing so. ...read more.


To approach our documentary style I had to ensure that the set and costumes were all realistic and fitted with our over-all colour scheme. Like many horror films the action takes place at night and so to follow the trend we concluded that this scene should take place at night in the dark - this then set out our colour scheme of dull dark colours. The dark colour scheme and surroundings also symbolises the gloomy action and atmosphere created. I realized quite early on that darkness creates shadows and that we could create interesting shots. The costume of both characters were of dark colours to merge into the scheme, however, I wanted the audience to feel more sympathic with Nicole, the protagonist (who was the fianc´┐Ż - victim). In this opening scene, as the limited knowledge of the storyline means that she is seen as the victim, I dressed her with a white top underneath my jumper to symbolise innocence. It would be later exposed in the film that she had deserved it and the audience should change views when more information is revealed. The story is set in the suburbs of London and the audience shall notice this from the accents and clear vocal delivery used by both characters. ...read more.


From the very beginning the decision was made that there wouldn't be much non-diegetic sound to accompany the action so that it is seen as realistic as possible. However, during the later stages of post-production, we listened to a selection of instrumental accompaniments and then came to the joint agreement that we shall have it playing throughout the whole of the opening section. In hind-sight it makes our opening sequence different to any others that we have seen and creates a new influential style. The small amount of diegetic dialogue can still be heard above the accompaniment; however the music amazingly fits with the story and enhances the action. I used titles and credits at the end of the opening sequence not merely as a source of information but to create a sense of genre and meaning. The font that we have used showcases and highlights the mysterious mood and atmosphere experienced within the sequence. I believe that this media product would be distributed for recreational viewing in cinemas as well as educational as it should attract many audiences covering social groups suffering with similar domestic issues. I have enjoyed producing this product and have learned a lot of new and interesting elements in film making that shall help me for future projects. 1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Documentary_film ?? ?? ?? ?? Hannah Eckersley - FILM COURSEWORK ...read more.

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