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I have chosen to design pages from both a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper. I have called my broadsheet 'The National'.

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I have chosen to design pages from both a tabloid newspaper and a broadsheet newspaper. I have called my broadsheet 'The National' as this gives the connotation that the newspaper is a nationwide newspaper, thus appealing to a variety of regions across the UK. I have put the words 'The National' in a gothic script font as this gives the feeling of establishment with the paper. I have aimed my broadsheet at a target audience aged from their late 20's and above and have tried to provide for the A-C socio-economic groups of professionals and graduates. However 'The National' could appeal to a wider audience consisting of various ages, gender, sexuality, race and demographic groups as I have included a variety of stories in the front page of my broadsheet to give a broad-based appeal. When I started my practical project the Iraq war was dominant, and so I decided to write a report with a local subject matter, which would also be of interest across the country. Having just read a section in the book 'Hidden Agenda's' by John Pilger about the treatment of the city of Liverpool in the media, I decided to research crime rates in Liverpool and see how they compared to past rates and other cities. I sent an email to Stephen Redding from Merseyside Police's data and information centre and he kindly sent a spreadsheet containing crime rates from across the country and some press statements about the subject. ...read more.


The masthead of my newspaper is centrally justified. As well as designing a front page for my newspaper I created a sports page to go on the back page of my broadsheet. I put the title of sport in green as green has a sporting connotation, as it is associated with the outdoors and grass. I decided to write an article about a sport that was 'in season' to give a feeling of immediacy when I was writing it. I based my article around a rugby match that I had previously seen, which saw rugby star Montgomery push a referee. I used a picture that I took during a Rugby Match and used this as I have friends who play Rugby. I also included football fixtures and horse racing tips in my report, as this would make the sports page appeal to an audience with a wider sporting interest. The back page also commonly has an area for crossword puzzles etc. However I decided to include word association game to differentiate from ordinary crossword puzzles. When researching for this project I found that broadsheets had less appeal to the younger generations, so I decided to design a supplement (the front page) for younger people to be put inside the newspaper. I have called the magazine supplement 'NRG' which stands for 'New Receptive Generation' magazine. ...read more.


I have called my tabloid newspaper 'UK Today' to suggest the provision of throughout the UK in a more colloquial manner. I have given my tabloid a traditional Red Top masthead so that it is easily distinguished as a tabloid. For my tabloid newspaper front page I have taken the quote from my 'Merseyside crime rate' story and have taken it out of context to slight the reputation of Liverpool, as tabloids often rely on sensationalism rather than hard facts to sell copies. I have used a pun against Liverpool's capital of culture bid and have put the headline 'Capital of mob culture'. The subheading says 'Organised crime in Liverpool is on the increase'. This takes the quote from police superintendent out of context as he says that 'only unorganised crime had seen a significant decrease'. I have put the text of the headlines in white against black as this gives a dramatic effect. The picture I have used is of a famous Liverpool Building called the Liver Buildings. I have inverted the picture using Adobe Photoshop to give an eerie, sinister feeling to the picture as inverting an image distorts the image and darkens all colours on the picture making them seem unnatural. I thought this was an important part of creating my Tabloid page as they often heavily rely on picture manipulation to make fabricated stories seem reliable. Cheryl Magee Media Studies Practical Evaluation Candidate Number:7241 Centre Number:34228 ...read more.

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