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I will be looking at Globalization, politics and cultural theory, using these various theories it will hopefully lead me to discover how American shows are successful in the United Kingdom.

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Chapter One In this chapter I will be looking at Globalization, politics and cultural theory, using these various theories it will hopefully lead me to discover how American shows are successful in the United Kingdom. American sitcoms have been a constant success in this country with such successful imports such as Friends, Seinfeld and Frasier, but what is the reason for there success in this country, looking at globalization, culture and politics I hope to discover why this is. First I will be looking at what globalization is and how this affects the way different programs from around the world are received, I will look at the differences in culture between not just the UK and America but various other countries that there shows are exported to. ...read more.


The main fact with television that it is always changing, and what is yesterday is not what it is today, and what it is today is not what it will be tomorrow. However with television continuing this change, and as it continues its global expansion that there has been an uneven shift towards the west and in particular the USA. With the television originally being developed in the west and especially in America this has caused a shift in Americas favor so therefore they have been able to dictate what is shown not only in there country but by exporting there products to the rest of the world. However even though this is the main trend at the moment of America one way influence over the rest of the world this is not what globalization is about, globalization is more about a multi-directional and a multi-dimensional set of processes. ...read more.


However this is a hard thing to do, due to the fact of Americas power and there development of new technology that has helped bring forward the Television, so with countries accepting this new technology there are therefore also accepting the influx of America shows. Although there is a reluctance to accept these shows, I'm not talking about a reluctance to accept one or two shows I'm talking about accepting a lot of shows that outnumber countries own creations., however when the shows are shown and they become a success the channels controllers decide then to import more and more shows therefore they will start to outnumber there own shows. But if they are so against then importation of these shows why do they import so many, its because they are a success and they attract viewers, this will now lead on to why are these shows successful in our country. ...read more.

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