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ict online service

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Online services 1.1 There are five different services in which I will be studying these are: * Communications * Commerce * Entertainment * Download services * Real time information Communications Communications is a way in which people can talk or have a conversation with another person using the internet. Using communications saves you many so that you don't have to spend money buying credit on a phone. It is a very easy and free way to interact with people all over the world. I will be going into detail for two methods in which you can communicate with other people through the internet. These will be Windows live Messenger and Newsgroups. Instant messaging Instant messaging is a program in which you download from the internet this allows anybody who has internet do download the program for free. Instant messaging Is a program which allows you to talk to people all around the world instantly which means they have to be online for you both to talk to each other free of charge and when you write a message they can read it in like a second after you sent it. Also you can meet friend on msn as many people use this method of talking. Also if you have a webcam you can also let the person who you are talking to have visual contact with you through the webcam. In addition instant messaging allows to sent files to the other people and you can receive files. E.g. you can send a song or a word file. Advantages of using Instant messaging * It is absolutely free so you don't pay to download it or you don't pay to use it. * You can chat with friend and family all over the world and you can even make new friends. * It is very simple to use so a huge percentage of people would find it easy to use. ...read more.


* It can be used at any time of the day even after bank hours. Disadvatages of using online banking * People can hack onto your computer and take your details and use them. * If you have questions to ask you can't ask them to someone on the internet but if you go to the bank you can get more information on ny questions you have. I think that online banking is not really necessary as you can't put money onto your account so there really is not a point of having to go online as all youcan see is how much money is in your acount. I haven't used it before but my brother uses it and he doesn't really think it is necessary as most people go to the bank to put in money or withdraw money form there account. Education Virtual learning enviroment (VLE) Virtual learning environment (VLE) is a software system designed to help teachers by controlling the of educational courses for their students, especially by helping teachers and learners with course administration. The system can often track the learners' progress, which can be monitored by both teachers and learners. These systems usually run on servers, to serve the course to students as internet pages. Usally a VLE consists of: * A notice board for up-to-date course information * Student registration and tracking facilities, if needed with payment options * Additional resources, including reading materials, and links to outside resources in libraries and on the Internet. * Self-assessment quizzes which can be scored automatically VLE is aimed at he younger and middle aged generation who are still attending school. This s very helpful to those who are attending school as they might not understand whatever is going on in school and they simply just go on the internt whever they are and they learn online using steps. This is defiently a good product as these website are in inspiration in which it allows student to pass there tests. ...read more.


Xbox live is aimed at the younger genrationas the younger generation are the ones who own a xbox 360 console and to go onto xbxo live you must have a xbox and intent access. A lso the middle and older genration are not really into playing games espically if it is online as they would see it as wasting money.This meets the need of people as it does everything that it was created for, as people can talk to firend over xbox live, also you can talk or webcam each other. Also the gameplay is fantastic it is only sometimes when people complain thqat it suddenly goes slow. Also this cannot be used if there is no internet and it is also recommended that you should use the wirless erthent wire and it saves time and it is very long. But the xbox 360 can still be played, but the xbox live cannot be played without the internet access. Advantages of using Xbox live * You can talk to firend while paying to friends. * Also you can have visual contact witht them if you have a webcam * You can play with people all over the world. It is free to play all you have to do is sign up. Diadvantage of using Xbox Live * It is expensive to buy the ethrent cable . Espically fi you want to buy the wirless ethrent. * While playing the game it sometimes loses it connection and it would I think that xbxo live is very good and enterntaing as I have a xbox 360 and I use the xbox live. I think that the price for the ethernet wire is high but it is worth it after a while. This is because at first it is not really exciting but when playing it, it gets interesting as you play people allover the world and it makes it feel very fun. Also the fact that you can talk and webcam cam firend is very exciting as it keeps you enteratined if the game is boring. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

* This is a very weak essay. Firstly, there are many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It should be carefully proofread before being submitted. Much of the evidence supplied is too anecdotal and unsubstantiated.

Marked by teacher Cath Rowe 05/09/2013

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