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ICT Solutions for individuals and society

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ICT Solutions for Individuals and Society For this unit I am going to try and find the answer to the enquiry titled "Has increased TV coverage affected the attendance of live sports events" As I have more of a interest in this than I do in the other possible questions. To do this I am going to use a variety of online and local sources. Task A In this task I have to search through search engine for information, which will help me, answer the above query. I will use three different search engines to help me do this, which are as follows: www.google.com, www.ask.com & www.lycos.com. I am using three different ones to broaden my range of answers so I can have more information when I come to sum up all the data at the end. I will also use three different types of searches which are: simple, phrase and logical operators. To do this I am going to have to find information on attendances for different sports, as well as the viewing figures over the past few years for the same sports. A lot of the hits which are produced will not be relevant as most of the searches will produce thousands if not millions of responses, and only ten of them might be relevant. After I have looked at all three search engines I will decide which one produced the bets hits, which I will then use for the rest of the unit. Simple Search - Google The first hit that I got was the one linking me to the wikipedia, which turned out to be a very useful site. As the first was so good it, made me think that the rest of the results would have the same amount of relevance. The wikipedia page is shown as below. There are too many hits to search through them all, so I just searched through a select few from the first page. ...read more.


This A-Z index is very easy to use, as you just select the letter, which your search begins with, and then go from there. As I have already found some information from the BBC website I am now moving onto another useful website found in task A named as BARB. Hyperlinks are a piece of text that you can click to take you onto another part of the website or another website all together. I could not find all the information I needed from just going through the A-Z and the browse part as there was too much information on the TV listings or sports information but not what I was looking for. However, I also noticed that there is a search bar at the top of the page, which I will use to try to find more information. From this search, I went through some of the hits that were given and found some useful pages as shown below. There are many more useful sites, which the search came up with, but too many to display on this document, as that would be pointless, but I have instead made a note of the really useful pages, for future reference. However, there was also many, possibly even more hits that were not relevant to the search, but those were discarded. This type of searching if a good website has been found and you want to find certain information inside that website. The information I have found will be used to help me in Task F. This type of search is also useful as if there is a page with a lot of information on, and which most of it is irrelevant, then pressing ctrl+f will bring this box up, and then will search for whatever you need to look for. From all this information I have just gathered I will now use it in task D. ...read more.


I also had a lot of trouble with the Relational Operators as I did not know how to do them properly. How initial methods were refined to meet the purpose of the investigation more closely At first I only did simple queries such as excluding certain data, and only searching from one table. But as my skills with Access grew I started linking the tables together and using searches with <,> & =. How I can improve the task if I was to do it again I would create more queries and possibly find data to update the tables as they only go up to 2005, but this is not too much of a worry as I have more than enough data as it is. Task E What went well? Using all the different formula went particularly hassle free as I use spreadsheets all the time and know all about the different sorts of formula. This means I saved time because I did not have to learn how to do them all. What did not go so well? As I have not used macros before so it took a while for me to get them working correctly, but after I learnt how to create these they were easy from then on to get them to work. How initial methods were refined to meet the purpose of the investigation more closely My VLookup was very basic and not very informative, so I redone that to make it more complex and so it could give the user a lot more information. How I can improve the task if I was to do it again I would change the layout of the data around so that it could be easy to read, as at the moment it is fairly difficult to read off the data as they could be mixed up with one another, but it is acceptable for now. Task F ?? ?? ?? ?? Page 1 of 75 ...read more.

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