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Identify a local need, for a new small business; and prepare a feasibility study.

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Business Studies Coursework By John Halliwell 11T Terms of Reference Primary Objective: To identify a local need, for a new small business; and prepare a feasibility study. In order to achieve this objective, the following secondary objectives should also be achieved. Secondary Objectives: * Identify a worthwhile business opportunity * Identify potential customers * Research pricing and marketing strategies * The start- up and operating costs of the business * The financial aspects (e.g. a cash flow forecast and a break even chart for the first year, etc.) * Whether or not to proceed, making justified recommendations. With these completed, the primary objective also should be attained. This is a short questionnaire, asking if you feel there is any need for a business in your local area. ...read more.


Classical ? Rap ? R 'n' B ? Pop ? Reggae ? Jazz ? Blues ? 5. Is there a music shop in the vicinity (not including Supermarkets)? Yes ? No ? 6. Would you find that a Music store which supplies not only recent CD's, but also a vast range of all music and music on all mediums e.g. LP's, old hat, cassettes, DVD's, Minidisks Yes ? No ? 7. If no, what would you like in your local area that could be of benefit to the local community? _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ _________________________________________________ 8. What prices are you willing to pay for a CD/ music medium of your choice? �1 - �10 ? �11 - �20 ? �21 - �30 ? �30+ ? And now for some questions regarding you, if you don't mind. ...read more.


These shops are Sanity; the shops below are all secondary competition. Woolworths WH smiths Tescos There is a premise available for rent in Gravesend along the High Street, and the shop for rent is opposite Woolworths. This would be a good location because it will be in a key location within the town. The advertisement above is from: http://www.egpropertylink.com/PropertyDisplay.asp?property_id=137468&NoBanner= It shows that the property is in a "prime High Street Retail Unit". This is essential in order to achieve my primary objective (in terms of reference). The price of the location is �1,200,000 if the property was to be built, or the yearly rent of the property is �75,500. There is slight secondary competition in the vicinity of the property in the form of Woolworths(tm). Woolworths is over the road from the property. On each side of the location there are Peacocks(tm) and the National Autistic Society. ?? ?? ?? ?? John Halliwell 11T Business studies Coursework ...read more.

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