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Identify/Analyse Introduction I Am Going To Start My Word Processing Project With the Theme of a Cinema, Which Will Involve Me Making Reviews, Releasing Leaflets and Designing Posters and Other Advertising Things.

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Identify/Analyse Introduction I am going to start my Word Processing Project with the theme of a cinema, which will involve me making reviews, releasing leaflets and designing posters and other advertising things. I will be using word because I will be working with a lot of text and I will need to include pictures and word art to grab the attention of people. ...read more.


It will be showing a variety of films at times between 10:00am and 11:00pm, because of the rival cinema situated nearby, a new advertising scheme has been set up to increase its popularity against its rivals and to increase profits by drawing more customers. I will be designing posters, cards leaflets and reviews of different types to attract all kinds of people instead of one group, which would only bring in at most 1/3rd of the customers we could attract. ...read more.


2. The Mouse: -The mouse is moved around on the desk and it transmits the movements of my hand to the screen so I can select certain Icons to do certain things. 3. Printer: - The printer will enable me to put the images and work I do on the computer and put them onto paper. For a piece of advertising I will basically... 1. Go on to desk top publisher and select a template layout. 2. Select colours if layout 3. 4. 5. 6. ...read more.

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