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In an era where magazines are failing, how does FHM maintain its audience?

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´╗┐In an era where magazines are failing, how does FHM maintain its audience? The origins of FHM magazine date as far back to 1985 in the United Kingdom where the magazine began publication. FHM was first published under the name ?For Him? and changed its title to FHM in 1994 when Emap Consumer Media bought the magazine, although the full ?For Him? Magazine continues to be printed on the spine of each issue. Circulation of this magazine was expanded to newsagents quarterly by spring 1987, after the emergence of a similar magazine Loaded which was regard by them to be the blueprint for the lad?s mag genre. ?For Him Magazine? firmed up its approach to compete with expanding market by introducing a sports supplement. The magazine is published monthly and changed its name to FHM this being the abbreviated version of ?For Him Magazine? this is probably to gain the audience attention as they can print these letters bigger and bolder which a generic convention that FHM uses. It has dominated the men?s market around 1997 according to ABC magazine results where A. Crawford presented an article where she collected information on FHM magazine sales, ?FHM managed to overcome all other magazines and reached over 600,000 sales a month which was a 76% increase on last year which was 365,000? This shows FHM after just over 10 years have managed to overcome and compete with other magazine and are still managing ...read more.


- Specific evidence from mag Also FHM have a e-media platform, fhm.com. This has become increasingly popular with the consumers as they can choose what they want to read and in website form can hold mass information, FHM have created this media platform so they can give exclusivity to the audience and because this platform has different features from just a magazine this will keep the audience from getting bored. FHM has also released magazines editions worldwide this will allow for diverse mass audience and will help FHM?s sales. ? Why do people buy and read magazine We can analyse FHM by using the Laura Mulvey?s male gaze theory, whereby she theorised that consumers are largely masculine and that women is controlled by the male gaze. This idea is that women?s body is displayed and makes the men the voyeur. FHM uses attractive photos of women by portraying them as sexually alluring and according to this theory would make the audience experience erotic pleasure from looking at the pictures of women. This attracts the male audience using the male gaze theory. One of the reasons why FHM appeals to the audience; ?Sales of early titles such as Arena and Esquire were rapidly outstripped by title?s such as Loaded and FHM, as images of the ?new man? were replaced by an emphasis on more ?laddish? forms of masculinity, associated with drinking, sport and sex.? Jackson et al, 2001. ...read more.


In FHM there is a main dominant stereotype about men, those there appearances and attitudes are masculine and FHM is very forward with this idea, they show men doing exercise with good strong body?s and the images they use are masculine portraying this dominate stereotype, the aspirers and reformers of the audience will act on FHM?s ideas of a man?s masculinity and will aspire to be there idea of a new man therefore making the consumers continually buy this magazine each month. We can analytically investigate FHM by using the Pluralist model. The pluralist model argues that there is diversity in society and therefore there is also choice, because the audience is diverse with different views the media is influenced by society because the media need to please the audience they will try and reflect the values and beliefs that are predominant in society. So FHM reflects the predominant masculine man and try to portray a typical man?s lifestyle, FHM stereotypes men to be very masculine, good in bed, happy in relationships, witty, considerate and skilled at all things. FHM shows these things in their magazines to captivate the audience and show them what they want to see, according to previous sales figures FHM seem to be doing this and have been maintaining it and therefore gaining revenue as well as pleasing the audience. ...read more.

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