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In both films the Terminator and the Matrix stereotyping has been used frequently and very blatantly. For instance in the film Terminator, Sarah Connor is represented as a typical girlish woman.

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The dictionary term for stereotyping is 'a fixed image or idea of a type of person or thing that is widely held'. Stereotyping was very popular towards women before the 1980's. This was called sexism. Women were treated very badly for instance there was talk of a 'glass ceiling', this was a term used to describe how women were prevented to reach top positions. Stereotyping can be used in a number of ways. One way was in films, such as 'Legally Blond' and 'Miss Congeniality'. The act of stereotyping in the film 'Legally Blond' is when a woman is portrayed as a 'Barbie doll'. Then takes advantage of her looks and uses it to get what she wants. Soon after she was finally, respected or her brain than her choice of style. However 'Miss Congeniality' is known for a different and unexpected type of stereotyping. This time the main character was shown quite manly. Subsequently she went through a process of becoming very feminine. Those films prove that it might be difficult but woman can do practically anything that men can do. In both films the 'Terminator' and the 'Matrix' stereotyping has been used frequently and very blatantly. ...read more.


The special effects used in the 'Matrix' lets Trinity seem very heroic. This done through CGI, computer generate imagery. One example of this is when she could jump a long distance, from one building to another. The CGI used in this is demonstrating that gravity has no effect on trinity. Whereas the police men chasing after her didn't even try to imitate trinity because they knew it was impossible. This proves that Trinity has the ability to do skills that men can't do, let alone skills that are ridiculously not possible to humans. Therefore she is superhuman. For instance Trinity uses her own powers instead of using and relying on guns, which is a contrast to the policemen. This gives the viewers an impression that women can be stronger than men. Another way that showed Trinity to be heroic is when Trinity manages to get out of a situation when she was about to give up. By persuading and forcing her to overcome her fear and carry on. This will most likely inspire women all over the world to be just like her. On the other hand Sarah is a complete different character to Trinity. ...read more.


If we compare the two we find out that they both conflict each other. And they both represent their character in different ways, for instance Trinity is shown to be very independent and strong. Such as in a scene a police man is being patronises towards Trinity by saying 'what's one little girl going to do'. This is ironic because later on Trinity manages to defend herself. By attacking about half a dozen police men, which each had a gun, and out run them to. Also in the club scene, when Trinity meets Neo, Neo is shocked to find out that Trinity was actually a girl. This is made known when he says 'you're Trinity?' This is stereotyping Trinity's abilities, which reveals that Neo is quiet sexist, that he thinks only a job like cracking into computers is done by men. Sarah's character can be known in the scene where her boyfriend cancelled on her up but yet she didn't react like an upset girlfriend would do, this shows a weakness to her personality that she is too lenient. It also seems like they both live in parallel worlds. This highlights the point of how the world has changed from 1980 to the 1990's. And how it has grown from women being stereotyped to them gaining the rights they deserve. ?? ?? ?? ?? English: Media Coursework By Yejide Osoteku ...read more.

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