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In Muriel's Wedding identity is represented by numerous film techniques. The dominant ones being acting, music, design, camera angle and editing.

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In Muriel's Wedding identity is represented by numerous film techniques. The dominant ones being acting, music, design, camera angle and editing. The two aspects that evidently represent the identity are acting and music. Of these two acting is the most effective film technique in capturing Muriel's individuality and unique approaches to life. Throughout the film with Muriel's acting we are able to get a grasp of her identity and her alter-ego. Her life is a journey of self discovery and of self understanding. Her journey spans the entire film and acting is a vital part through which the responder will track her path to her holy grail of being married and be looked upon, instead of being despised by others. The film technique of acting is often combined with other film techniques such as music to achieve the desired effects. For example, when holidaying in Bali the song "Dancing Queen" sang by ABBA was played when she was dancing with Rhonda in the night club. This song along with acting is a reflexion of who she wishes to be - a glamorous dancing queen admired and wanted ...read more.


Muriel, however, on the other hand wears a large dress, not worrying about her weight problem with ugly, dishevelled ponytail. In the cocktail bar scene the need for Muriel to belong somewhere is obvious and her pleading "I know I'm not normal but I'm trying to change. I'm trying to be more like you." This scene emphasises that she is an outsider, even to her hometown of Porpoise Spit. However, near the end of the movie, with the death of her mother there is a sudden change in the mood, the way Muriel behaves and the shocking realisation that lying to others and herself is not the way to live. She breaks out of a life of fantasies and pretence and came to her senses. She's now no longer reliant on others. It is at this point her identity transformation becomes complete and she moves back to Sydney with Rhonda to start life afresh. Again, at the end of the movie the song "Dancing Queen" is played. However, this time it is significant in another aspect. ...read more.


A medium shot then shows Muriel in the backyard, on the same level as her father, conveying her change in status. The change in their relationship is further conveyed by a low shot of Joan on the balcony, and we realise Bill Heslop's critical dictatorship over his children, in particular Muriel, has come to an end. Muriel is often shown in high shots, while her perspective is usually that of a low shot - both techniques convey she feels lower and inferior to others. It is evident to us as an audience, but not so to Muriel, that her marriage is only one of convenience. During the wedding ceremony, close ups are used to show Muriel's euphoric happiness, David's repulsion and alarm, her ex-boyfriend's disappointment, and Rhonda's concern and feelings of betrayal. The sham that their marriage really is is depicted through a repeated shot of Muriel entering her apartment. This same shot is used when she first enters David's apartment. However, we notice sophisticated artworks on the walls in contrast with her television, and modern furniture in contrast to her shabby beanbag. This contrast between their apartments conveys how incompatible the married couple really are. ...read more.

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