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In my practical production project, I have created a 10-minute documentary based upon a young teenage singer called Lauren Waterworth. I have created my documentary to include certain criteria from my brief

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Evaluation. In my practical production project, I have created a 10-minute documentary based upon a young teenage singer called Lauren Waterworth. I have created my documentary to include certain criteria from my brief, including the codes and conventions of successful documentaries, which we found from our Med 2 studies. I feel I have met all the points of my design brief. I have aimed the documentary towards music fans keeping it interesting using footage of Lauren's singing and using background sound samples of some of Lauren's songs as this would interest music fans. The documentary also aims towards teenagers as Lauren herself is a teenager and it shows the other side of what being a normal teenager is like for someone famous. I think I have done this well because I have split the documentary into two half's, the first about 'The Singer' which music fans will be interested in and then the second half about 'The School Girl' which will appeal towards other young school children. ...read more.


My second purpose was to entertain and inform the audience about Lauren's life. I think I have shown this well as I have shown her as a normal day-to-day young teenage girl, just a normal teenager with a talent. I have shown her in school, listened to her talk about her life such as going out with friends and arguing with her brothers just everyday normal things that people can relate to with her. I created my documentary using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker on the computer; this was an easy to use programme allowing me to edit my film and my photos effectively. For the photographs I have used a digital camera along with a USB chord to attach the camera to the computer, however some of the photos are archival photographs that I have been provided with. I used sound clips in mp3 formats for background music. A voice over narration was provided for the introduction which was recorded using Cool Edit Pro programme also on the computer with a microphone connected to the computer. ...read more.


The people used in the documentary are all real and I have used interviews with them throughout. There is also music samples played of Lauren's singing in the background when some visuals are shown. Archival footage of Lauren that has been provided for the documentary has also been used. By looking at other documentaries about famous personalities, I have distinguished the conventions and I feel I have used these well in the making of my documentary. I have titled my documentary quite simply 'The Lauren Waterworth Story' and the documentary itself lasts around 10 minutes. I feel very happy with the outcome of my practical production I feel it has met all my points that I made in my specification brief and it works very successfully and effectively. If I were to do this project again I would not change much of it because I think it fulfils its purpose quite well. However I would make it last longer, include more interviews and improve the footage for 'The School Girl' section and also make more use of voice over narrations throughout instead of just on the introduction section. Carly Chadwick Candidate Number:4002 ...read more.

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