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In the film I Robot, show how narrative and genre create meaning and generate response from the viewer

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In the film I Robot, show how narrative and genre create meaning and generate response from the viewer The film 'I Robot' is a classic conventional sci-fi film. From the outset the audience establishes that this is of the science fiction genre due to the synthetic bubbles, vibrant colours, short snippets of wires and menacing orchestral music. The film shapes the particular expectations of the sci-fi genre by summoning up curiosity and suspense. The first character the audience sees is Will Smith. From this the audience can establish that he is the lead and central character. In addition, from his previous work, Will Smith is associated with sci-fi and action genres, such as Independence Day, Men in Black I and II and Bad Boys. Levi-Srauss' concepts and ideas of binary opposites are noticeable throughout. The initial shots see Will Smith's character, Del Spooner, at home, surrounded by old furniture and old appliances, for example the alarm clock, the ceiling fan and his music player. The fact that he surrounds himself with this type of stuff would suggest that he is clinging to the past. ...read more.


a human who has the same physical attributes as a robot and thus we perceive Spooner as an even stronger and powerful hero. At the point where the stereotypically black, American, fat, lady starts shouting her mouth off at Spooner, he gets embarrassed. Subsequently, the audience feels empathy for Spooner and a gentle, tender is exposed in his personality, which makes him an even greater hero. In Spooner's work place, the police department, the room has low key, dark, and dingy lighting and Spooner is alienated at his desk. This is typical generic mise en scene of the film noir, thriller, and detective genre. This is supported by the fact that Spooner's workmates tease him and show no respect over him for his mistake. These work colleagues are white males and dress in white suits, a great contrast when compared to Spooner, who dresses in all black leather and wears a beanie hat as a detective, which is not very professional and thus again Spooner is seen as a maverick figure. The USR building is shot from a low angle to show how grand this building is and how it looms over the city. ...read more.


Throughout the first part of the film, women play a vital role in the technology. V.I.K.I, which happens to also be a female name, has a female's voice. This could represent the postmodern ideology of women in this futuristic world, however, generically it is because this technological world is mainly made up of men and thus the women's voice is soothing and calming and synthetic. Although, Dr Calvin breaks these conventions of mainly male Drs. However this is not exactly true as Calvin acts very much like a man and a robot showing very few female emotions, as if she is acting more like a man or robot as to fit in. Calvin is seen as the Princess, as in Propp's theory, and Lanning is seen as her Father figure. This is presented when she protects Lanning when Spooner says he was just an old man. It is Spooner's job as the hero to help the Princess from her misleading views and it is Lanning who inadvertently helps her by asking Spooner to help him. The relationship between Calvin and Spooner is seen as a romantic comedy style relationship, as Calvin says the line, "Are you trying to be funny" and Spooner replies with "I guess not." ?? ?? ?? ?? James Collingwood ...read more.

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